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R&S, is this a good analogy for consciousness of our brain?

To sort of follow up on my last question, here’s the way I understand it as an atheist and agnostic, if we were to compare ourselves to technology.
Brain = Computer hardware
Mind = Software
Religion and faith = Buggy software?


  1. You have left ‘soul’ out which was the basis for the mind/brain split.
    Are you sure you know of which you speak 🙂
    And to show how stupid your lack of philsophical knowledge renders you, you would have to say :
    1) Reason is different from Religion/ Faith, and therefore
    2) We (which implies soul) are running 2 sets of software.
    This is why nobody since Descartes has accepted your setup.
    You can’t be your brain, because then what is the mind.
    You can’t be your mind, because then what unifies everything.
    It is the soul treated in Aristotle’s De Anima.

  2. I don’t agree with the last point of your analogy, but your analogy is a good one.
    I’m assuming “buggy software” means software full of bugs.


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