R&P: Last night I had a spiritual awakening… (MQ!)?

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I was laying in bed, trying to sleep.
I had a lot on my mind, A LOT,
and my third time for the driving test was heavy on my mind.
all of a sudden, i felt a small pressure on my shoulders, kind of like hands, i IMMEDIATELY opened my eyes, the pressure was still there, but no one else was in my bed.
then the pressure went away, and then i felt calm, cool, and collected.
I’ve never been big on religion and beliefs,
I never knew if I believed in God or not!
I think it’s a sign that something good is about to happen.
I really do!
okay, I’ve been in a good mood all day,
I woke up good, thanks to an answer to one of my questions, i felt BETTER today!
MQ~ songs that make you HAPPY!!!!!
LOL Vicky & Ms Jackson!!!!!!!
Kalimada Joined the Hep Army: i was wide awake when this happened.
i couldn’t sleep, my eyes were closed because i was TRYING to sleep

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♫ Zach, My name is Zach ☮

the dirty song – cars can be blue
transatlanticism – death cab for cutie
you’ll get exactly what you deserve and not one bullet less – killwhitneydead
help! and let it be – the beatles (haha i mistyped the title the first go around)
the end – the doors
accidents – alexisonfire
OMG im in a good mood today too! my friend was in town today she drove from cincinnati after that concert last night so we were hanging out before she left this morning

♫Stone Cold Crazy♫

God works in mysterious ways! ; )
“Happy” by The Rolling Stones! Pretty appropriate I think lol…

Mother Russia [Pro-Llama Leader]

I hope all does go well.. either that or its an on coming stroke!
Sunshine – AIC

Nicholas (Pro-Goat/Pro-Flamingo)

That is an amazing story.
MQ : Any song that is good.

Cannot The Kingdom Of Salvation

there is no god. It was probably a ghost or somethin…
MA: Angel of death – slayer

C-Stylee (Alligator)

Woah… Keep us updated on what happens after you take your driving test again.
EDIT- ^Gotta love those Atheists, jump on any opportunity to try and bring you down.


Something similar happened to me but in a…. different way. A relief of pressure off your shoulders free’s up your mind so much!
MQ: Ressurection by Fear Factory raises me up:)

mιss vεиgεαиcε {PR0~G0AT} :D

Wow, that’s really cool.
If that happened to me I would scream and jump out of my window.
But maybe that’s just cause i’m a freak =)
MQ: Any good fast-paced rock song (:

HeĹĹ Cat, enjoying Turkey

Sweet Child O Mine – GNR
Soul Behind the Face – The Scorpions
Kashmir – Led Zeppelin


sounds like you should look your doors at night, paedophiles everywhere

♪♥First To Fall Last To Know♫

all songs make me happy but…here are some of my favs
anything by:
Boys Like Girls <33333 just to hear my favorite guitarist of all time and to know how amazing he actulally is
All Time Low <3333 just to hear my favorite singer and guitarist of all time and know how amazing and special they are
Mayday Parade
The Maine
Jamestown Story
Artist Vs Poet


Actually thats
like oppression
and its called a demonic attack
thats not good at all sweetie.
Its like demons taunting you.

Rock Addict

Well seeing as I believe/practice things around the supernatural it could have been a reverse out of body experience, pretty much your spirit falling back into your body.
“Hall of the Mountain King” by Apocalyptica

Larry V

The Rain,The Park and other Things_cowsills,60’s love song from the summer of love,give it try


Hey, good for you! Keep us updated!
MQ: The Beatles: Let It Be

Flo ~ Is i-Podless:(

That was definitely NOT an average happening. Weather it’s God or not you’ve gone through a spiritual change. Good things are bound to happen to you soon:)
MQ: Illegal Tender – Louis XIV. I can’t listen to it without laughing:)

Sabrina Is a fan of Muse

I hope everything goes well and works out. =)
MA:My Generation-The Who
Honey-The Hush Sound
The Youth-MGMT
Map of The Problematique-Muse

Vicky* Is Not In This Picture

YES! My psychic out-of-body incident worked! Finally, I’ve been trying it on every R&P member I could and you’re the first to feel me!
MA: “Dancing Lasha Tumbai” – Verka Serduchka

Kalimada Joined the Hep Army

This is sleep paralysis, a well observed event that stops you from thrashing about while dreaming. It is a stage gone through when attempting WILD. Not spiritual in any form.
MA: my music doesn’t really focus on happiness =\
Edit: yes, this can happen if your body is relaxed but your mind is awake. thats the whole point of WILD, to be conscious while asleep.

slowly destroying the man

thats pretty cool man.
ma- get together- the youngbloods

Scout (Happy Bday John Lennon)

Last night I fell asleep listening to Give Peace A Chance and then today I made up with a guy I’ve hated for the last few years. It was a good day.
Anyway good luck with your good luck. lol
MQ: Space Oddity. lol

lola coca cola(pro dsotm)

Wow,that’s awesome!
MQ: Helter Skelter
Happiness is a warm gun (idk if that’s supposed to make you happy but it does for me)
Both by The Beatles =D

Rocker Kidd

I’ve been in a good mood today also, so I’m extra glad to hear that you have too!
MQ: The Joker – Steve Miller Band (been listening to this all day)

Penny Lane

i wish i would have one of those all i’ve bin seeing lately is bad juju.
mq: all you need is love

Nancy D

That’s great. Good for you. I will not bore you here with my beliefs, other than to say I had a ‘near death experience’ and whatever is “up there” gave me the grace (an unearned gift) to live.
I live much better now than I did in the past, that is for sure.
Songs that make me happy:
Good Day Sunshine
Here Comes the Sun both by the Beatles
Gimmie Some Lovin – Spencer Davis Group
Walkin’ On Sunshine – Katrina and the Waves
We Got the Beat – The GoGo’s
My Sharona – The Knack


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