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Rosicrucianism and Christian belief?

The Rosicrucian Order is shrouded in mystery. Centuries old, it is a mystical interpretation of Christianity, and draws inspiration from works other than the Bible. It also has a strong flavor of Western Mystery Traditions; note the similarities between Rosicrucian rituals and Theosophy.
The most interesting notion of Rosicrucianism is its acceptance of the blood line of Christ. It contends that there is lineage from Christ down to the present day. It is held in Rosicrucian thought that the Merovingian kings of France were part of this lineage. The traditional head of the Rosicrucian order is said to be a literal descendant of Christ.
The last known personality claimed for this position was Jean Cocteau. Cocteau certainly used Rosicrucian imagery in his art. I have to say, however, that if Cocteau was the last descendant of the bloodline of Christ, the line has died out!
Your thoughts on the idea of this? Do you think there is any possibility of such lineage?


  1. I don’t really buy into the bloodline theories, but some of the Rosicrucian groups do have interesting teachings. The Rosicrucian Fellowship in Oceanside, CA (Max Heindel’s group) has some very unique and intriguing philosophies. They’re an order of Christian mystics, albeit in a somewhat non-traditional way.

  2. I haven’t had a chance to investigate Rosicrucianism yet but someone emailed me that they were similar to Gnostics so I’ll be checking them out soon. I’d love to know if its true that they share similar views.
    Blessed Be!

  3. Cocteau was found to have lied about his lineage. Anything is possible maybe even probable…I’m ambivalent on this subject of lineage. I have read that since it was illegal for Jews over 30 to be single in the days of Christ, that it was a possibility that Jesus was married….so if that is the case, then it is possible he sired offspring. There just is no evidence either way.

  4. prabably but better far superior and desrving men have been born since they days when humans were dirt poor savages that all humans were in Jesus and Jehovahs days.
    and my line is atleast as old as jehovahs or i wouldn’t be here.
    and i was richer then christ because i owned cars at times. ie the greatest thing since birth was invented.
    what if cruc in Rosicruc… was pronounced kruise also prounced krause then it’s message to spain would be:
    I DIOS I CRUC I A N I A M and what if babylon’s generals were the forerunners to christs kingdom and Herod really was the true king and Jesus was just another factions choice for king?

  5. This is the first I have heard of the Rosicrucians being in anyway tied to christianity??? The Nights Templar who may or may not have been the forerunners of the Masons were involved in that Jesus blood line thing. I would suggest you read, ” The Messianic Legacy” and its companion book “Holy Blood Holy Grail”. They are pretty much the root sources for information on this subject.
    From my prospective, it is possible that Jesus and Mary had a child, but all the documentation dates from the Middle Ages so I keep an open mind on the subject until more proof can be found. It is, indeed, a fascinating subject.

  6. As I recall, there was a show on the History Channel which debunked the Da Vinci Code and it included portions on this same belief. But I did not watch the whole show.
    Based on what you wrote, if Christ did have descendants, there would be a reason for it and why would the bloodline be allowed to die out? What would be the purpose of allowing it to exist for only so long and then end? To me, that does not make sense.
    From my point of view, I don’t believe Christ married or had children. He was sent here for a specific purpose and marriage and children would have had nothing to do with that purpose. It would’ve been a hindrance to His purpose actually. If He had a wife and children to support, how could He wander around with His disciples, ministering and preaching and performing miracles all the time?

  7. “No way “Brecht Da Vinci” !! :). Good fireside debate topic but I feel there is no merit in it. sorry. Hope you have a wonderful day!!!

  8. I don’t believe in lineage, but I so believe God is within each one of us so opening our consciousness to the unity of God’s pure spiritual consciousness in Christian Mysticism reveals God in the condition of love, which is a kind of spiritual and physical unity.


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