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Rose Quartz Sphere or Cluster?

Hey guys. I am trying to find a good website or place in the SF Bay area in California to purchase a rose quartz sphere or cluster. I am looking for genuine natural rose quartz that have not been tampered with or is factory made. If you have any places that you can suggest, that would be great. If you have tips on how to buy and look for perfect graded rose quartz with no clearity issues, that would be well appreciated!


  1. unfortunitly you might have to ask local metaphysical shops or rock shops to special order these for you. they are exspancieve and so most shops don’t carry them because the propability of them being sold are unlikly.

  2. Try to find a gem-show in your area. They have them pretty frequently and are run by different groups. Try your local lapidary society- they do jewlery and gemstone work. You can probably find a contact # in your local phonebook or try your public library. Not only can you find stones fairly inexpensively but they can also show you how to pick up good-grade stones. Occult or newage shops I’m afraid tend to have a significant mark-up on thier stones. Try the good old Ebay for starters. I’ve gotten a bargan or two from there. My favorite pieces of rose quartz are one that is shaped like an actual human heart that I got in a grab-bag at a gem show- I wire wrapped it so it looked like it had veins and it makes quite an itnteresting necklace and my other is a large standard heart shaped piece I got at a pagan festival. Good luck.

  3. I have one of the clearest rose quartz spheres I have ever seen. I can show you pictures. (email )
    it is only about one and a half to two inches.
    it is almost like pink glass. it does have s few crack lines, but it works. i can sell it if you want it.


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