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I found out about a month ago that my heart chakra was blocked. I don’t know the details about all of this, because I am pretty new to this type of stuff – but it does interest me.
I went to a store a couple weeks ago and picked up a couple pieces of rose quartz. One is a pendant that I wear on a necklace and another is a little stone. I wear the necklace a couple of times a week. When I go to bed at night, I usually leave some time to hold the stone or put the stone on my chest. I usually find that a lot of pain and hurt from the past is becoming resurfaced. Sometimes I can get emotional. I then put the stone down. I am finding it difficult, because all these bad memories are coming up again, that I forgot about. I might be thinking too much into it, but it kind of bothers me. I am trying to move on from the past, but it seems like everything is coming up again. Is this normal? I also find when I sleep with a rose quartz in my room, I am very restelss and can’t sleep well.


  1. I’ve found putting the rose quartz under my pillow actually calms me and helps me sleep through the night. Otherwise I’m tossing and turning.

  2. my boyfriend threw my rose quartz and it broke…;( i dont wnat to discard it i love wearing it…what do i do? i cleansed it…can i still wear it ooo yea and i also crazy glued it bak togethore??? what do you think?

  3. I wear a heart sharped rose quartz at my neck. I wear it from like 4 months and felt good with it, wear it all the time, in the night, day, always…especially because I\ve got it from my twin flame…who weared it at his neck before giving it to me…but latelly, like 2 days, I have an erruption on my chest around it….and is weird cuz I really feel was him causing it….I was heart broke, now, I feel like I am 90% healed or even more…what do you think ? did he absorbed all my problems about broken heart so now is time I descharge the old energy ? sd I charge it with moon and sun energy for couple of days ? I feel like he wants this…. he is like talking to me…did u guys, has this experience or is it just me ?
    love and light

  4. yeah i advise not to sleep with it. its too strong energy. look at grounding stones as well – smoky quartz, hematite r excellent. make sure u use a grounding stone whenever u do healing work.

  5. Journaling to get feelings into a tangible form is good, but something you can also do is talk yourself through issues. This was something I did for myself after my first husband walked out on me and my daughter. I would sit at night and talk out loud to myself about things as if I were talking to a therapist. It was amazing the range of emotions and issues that surfaced. I cried, I got angry, I laughed, but many things that I had shoved into the back of my memories came forward to be seen and felt. The rose quartz is a stone that has a soft universal love type energy. For the feelings that you are encountering, I might suggest peridot, which is a slow, steady healer. The heart chakra colors are both pink and green. I have always found that for “healing” in this chakra that green was a more effective color than pink. The pink acts more as a “maintainence” color for me. For sleep, the amethyst is a nice choice, vanilla scent can also be very soothing. As for everything from the past “coming up again”, LET IT! Chances are you have merely stuffed it inside you and ignored it, thinking it has been dealt with. Yes, it is normal that issues will erupt in pain when this has happened. Working through this pain and letting it go instead of sucking it up and trying to convince yourself that it’s OK is the only way it will “go away”. The memory becomes defused, so to speak, so that while you can recall the incidents that caused the pain, pain is no longer associated with it. I would continue with chakra balancing with someone well versed in the work. Your heart will likely not be the only chakra that needs attention as you heal from your past. Good luck in your healing.

  6. rose quartz is a really good stone for emotional work…which is probably why you have this stuff resurfacing. as others have said don’t keep the stone in the room when you are trying to go to sleep.
    amethyst is one of my favorite stones…it promotes healing as well as protection. try keeping one next to your bed, and even carry it with you during the day.
    there is an exercise that helps to open your chakras…if you (or anyone) would like more info just email me and i will be happy to help.
    bright blessings to you

  7. Yes, it is quite common. Rose quartz is a crystal that is used for emotional healing. It seems that while you are trying to move on from the past – these bad memories are still lurking in the back of your mind somewhere and you have not allowed yourself to heal from them. (Probably part of the reason your heart chakra is blocked.)
    Some further info on the heart chakra, and opening it, that may help you:
    As others have suggested, take a break from the stones now & then. Be sure to regularly cleanse them of the energies they are absorbing as well. You can do this by leaving them in the sun for a little while, or passing them through the smoke of sage incense (or smudge stick).
    Try not having the rose quartz near you when you are ready to go to sleep. Get some amethyst to put around your bed or at the head of your bed. Amethyst promotes peace and restful sleep.

  8. *hugs*
    I would suggest writing in a journal before you go to bed so you can release this pain that is coming up for you. Just because it rises to the surface, doesn’t mean it gets released. If you don’t release it, it just settles back into you again.
    When working with stones, you need to keep them cleansed, especially if they are working on heavy issues.
    Since rose quartz isn’t porous, you have a lot of options on cleansing.
    You can put it in salt water and give it a good rub. You can hold it under the faucet and soap it up really good. You can put it in a flower pot in the soil and let the Earth cleanse it.
    I would suggest getting some amethyst too, since it is good for healing.
    Feel free to email me if you need to talk about anything. I can empathize with what you are going through.
    The heart chakra is green and there are many stones that vibrate towards it but rose quartz is good for the heart as well.

    • I have, question regarding Rose Quartz? I too Have been struggling with lots of emotions and hurt feelings. And I have a rose quartz piece that I wear around my neck. And I have fell a sleep with it but I haven’t respond in the same way as this individual has. If anything when I don’t sleep with out it I can’t sleep at all. I also found I’ve been wanting to suck on it. What does this me exactly? I’ve been cleansing it often with pure water because I have read somewhere that is really good for rose quartz. Another question that I have. When I’m having issues and I feel like I can not calm down I place the rose quartz on my heart and it sooths me right down. What does this mean? Sorry I’m still learning a lot about stone healing. My sister in law been teaching me a little about it. Please e-mail me for answer I really want to know!

  9. the vibration may be too high,that will indicatate where your heart vibration is.thats why it hard to fall asleep. try putting the r quartz out in the sun to reenergize.and take a break from it now and then,put it in the laundry room sometime,away when you sleep.
    just ask for some insight when you go to sleep.all rocks caan be asked to do a specific task.rose q is for the heart.

  10. Put an Amethyst crystal under your pillow while you sleep, it should ward off bad feelings, tame bad memories and Sleeplessness. The rose quartz may put these out but, the amethyst will chase them away quickly. The size of the amethyst crystal depends how bad things are and just keep trying different sizes ’til you find the one that works for you.
    Bright Blessings!

  11. sweetie your heart chakra is green it is sealed because you are haveing trouble with your emotions get a nice green stone like jade of emereld that will help and come to terms with your self

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