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Rose quartz love stone?

i have a chunk of rose quartz which i actually believe helps my love life, the trouble is i dropped it the other day and it broke, my love life has now got worse.
is there anything i can do to fix it or get rid of the bad energy around it?
pls no sarcastic answers
thanks =)
its not as simple as getting a new one…i bought this one when on hols so i dont know where else to get them


  1. Plant it in the Earth, preferably in your garden or under a tree. The stone has served it’s purpose. Sometimes when something bad is going to happen, a stone can take a ‘hit’ for you…meaning it takes on the negativity that you would have gotten otherwise. So what has happened in your love life probably could have been worse if not for the stone but the actual breaking of the stone did not cause the bad thing to happen. Burying it in the Earth is returning it to it’s home and honoring the purpose it’s served for you.
    Now you might want to get some hematite, which will help to get you grounded and remove negativity.
    BTW, rose quartz is also for self esteem and love in all it’s forms…as well as comfort and gentle heart healing.

  2. The stone will not cause that, but did warn you of changes in your love life. Cleanse the stone (sea salt, running water, bury in some soil, or smudge with sage are some ways to do that) and recharge it with your thoughts of a happy, fulfilling love life. It is also wise for you to concentrate in what is going wrong for you and how you can bring things back into balance for you.
    EDIT: You really don’t need to get a new one. Damaged crystals are sometimes called “warriors” because they’ve been through the tough stuff and survived. Their energy is strengthened by the chips and dings they’ve had. Your broken crystal can still radiate its energy towards your love life, but you still should examine what it is that has occurred in that area of your life and see what changes need to be made to make you and your crystal happy again!

  3. I have a rose quartz heart shaped crystal.
    I bought it almost 2 years ago.
    THE NEXT DAY I started a relationship.
    We broke up a few months ago – the day I lost the crystal !
    Then I bought a new one about a week later – and we got back together.
    If it’s broken, go get a new one !

  4. Rose quartz is a heart stone and is more to do with self love, acceptance and understanding. The stone associated with relationships and lovers is rhodochrosite.
    Breaking your rose quartz WILL NOT bring you bad luck, although fear of bad luck might!
    The stone might however be feeling a bit shocked, the same as we would if we had a fall. If it were my stone I would give it a good rest, maybe leave it in the sunshine or out in the rain for a few weeks to recuperate.
    I have worked with stones for a long time and whilst I wouldn’t claim to be an expert, they have taught me a thing or two over the years.
    Your stone will be OK, don’t worry.


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