Home Discussion Forum rose quartz, i have a question about mine?

rose quartz, i have a question about mine?

is it better to have it with me or put it in the corner like fung shui? cause im doing fung shui. whats more effective. also will it help with me trying to get into a relationship with this girl that im just starting to go on dates with? and also my last question is how do i make it work? will the stone just happen or do i have to charge it or something?


  1. my friends follow the dictates of feng shui passionately.
    they have just moved their granny into an old peoples home because she was disturbing the ki of the room when she sat in her rocking chair in the corner

  2. You can cleanse it in natural river water or with incence smoke and as to wearing it or keeping it in the corner, that’s all up to you! 🙂


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