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Rose Quartz Crystal?

Which way do you use your Rose Quartz Crystal were relationships and friendships are concerned?


  1. The pink translucency of the rose quartz bespeaks of the divine origin and serene nature of this angelic image by Taomi and Fernando. Rose quartz is considered to be the sacred stone of the planet Venus, believed to improve interpersonal relationships at work. At home, rose quartz creates a welcoming environment stimulating feelings of love, tenderness, and tranquility. Rose quartz is also considered to heal emotional wounds

  2. I used to use it with clear quartz and hematite. It worked, BUT I got a psychic vampire (someone who does little favors and expects way too much in return)
    Be careful when mixing stones.

  3. Ah my favorite, the rose quartz. well I’m glad You asked old Bean. I keep a rose quartz orb, pocket sized and take it everywhere I go. The rose quartz has it’s strongest association to the heart chakra and is all about the love. The attuned vibration has it’s strongest alliance in unconditional love and this has proven out to be true from my observations. Specifically I hold the orb in my hand while my Girlfriend and I hold hands, the orb warming between us. It’s great for healing frayed nerves in an existing friendship as well. Keep it in the relationship corner of Your home or special room and watch the troubles just drift away. Truly remarkable! It’s a good idea to keep some amethyst around if Your using rose quatz a lot, it acts as a balance to it.


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