root chakra?

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If I were to make an altar dedicated to the root chakra, which items should I include and why?

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My favorite root is ginger although I do like my horseradish occasionally too.

heather of the fields

I never heard of anyone making an altar to a chakra….


The root chakra is associated with element earth and contains all the other elements within it (fire, water, air). It associated with the sense of smell and with the skeleton. It is also the dwelling place of the latent Kundalini. If you wanted to make an alter, you might want the alter table to be a yellow square, which symbolizes the element of the root chakra in traditional chakra lore. You might want to have a small statuette of a coiled snake or a shiva lingam stone represent kundalini. You might want to have something made out of bone or bowl of soil. You would want to put flowers or representations of flowers on the alter since flowers are used as offering that represents the earth element. You might want to keep incense on the alter to remember that the sense associated with the root chakra is scent. A pentacle also might be appropriate on an altar for the root chakra because the pentacle represents the terrestial sphere and the body whereas the hexagram represents the celestial sphere.


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