Home Discussion Forum Romance novels about time travel back to Medieval Scotland?

Romance novels about time travel back to Medieval Scotland?

I’ve really been enjoying reading Lynn Kurland novels and have just recently discovered I love Karen Marie Moning romance novels, about young women who accidently travel back in time to fall in love with a handsome Scottish Highland man, centuries before. Does anyone know any other authors or titles of books like this? I’m really into them. Thanks!


  1. Julie Garwood writes amazing Medeival Socottish romance novels. Although they are not time travel related, but the plot is def. off the hook. I think the most distinguished of her books are “The Bride”, “The secret” “Ransom” – sequel to the secret, and “Saving Grace”.
    If you loved Lyn Kurland’s “With Every Breath”, you will more than love these. 😉

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