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Rock music and negative energy?!?

Why most of the time , i feel negative energy comeing from the rock music?


  1. Rock isn’t for everyone. Maybe you just don’t like it. Try listening to another kind of music and see if it’s for you.

  2. “Why most of the time , i feel negative energy coming from the rock music?”
    the keyword is “I”, you feel this way because that’s how you interpret the music.
    rap music is about getting drunk, smoking pot, and killing people while riding in your diamond plated car on 20’s.
    country music is about breaking up, falling in love, and sad deaths.
    techno is about doing Ecstasy and flashing lights.

  3. because you don’t really like Rock…. I like Rock music a lot and all I get from it is energy and good vibe, maybe you should listen to Piano Music

  4. well it all depends on what you listen to, and like what the person above me said it’s also how you’re interpreting it, other people have different views. and not all rock music has negative energy that’s a huge generalization, like it’s difficult to look at bands like AC/DC and Pink Floyd and say that they both have “negative energy” they’re two totally different bands with different music.

  5. Because it’s devil’s music. I mean, just look at these lyrics:

    Smashana Kali, I burn myself for thee
    I cut my own throat in “obscene” ecstasy
    I make love to abominations, embrace pain and misery
    Until my heart becomes the burning ground and Kali comes to me
    O dark mother, hear me calling thee
    Mahapralaya, bring to me
    Through all illusions I shall see
    I shall cremate this world and set my essence free

    And look, here’s some from some other band:

    Daylight has finally reached it’s end
    As evenfall strikes into the sky
    Far away in the dark glimpsing moonlight
    Sickening souls cry out in pain
    Whispering voices summoning screams
    Waiting for Satan to bless their sins
    Blackhearted angels fallen from grace
    Possessed by the search for utter darkness

  6. I’m sorry to say but rock music is not for you. Personally i feel negative energy coming from rap music whenever I hear it but when I hear rock and metal music I feel such an overwhelming positive energy that inserts into my mind and increases my heart rate.


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