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Rituals to increase our strength?

I know there are certain words that carry astral vibrations that combined with the right yantras or symbols create a catalyst of incredible and unlimited strength and energy for any human being that knows how to cast that hidden powers through the ritual.
Tell me how or the sites that teach all the steps to perform it.
No fear for any type of danger.
Best reply gets the ten pts.
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  1. How to increase your strength?
    Practice the “rituals” of weightlifting, aerobic exercise, and running.
    No, you can’t just say the words, you have to actually lift weights, exercise, and run.
    But that will do it.
    Your strength will never be unlimited — that’s impossible in a finite universe. But it will help.

  2. >> I know there are certain words that carry astral vibrations << That isn't knowledge. It is a belief, and it is wrong. >> Bad replies promptly deleted.
    You have no power to delete answers. You can report, sure, but be ready for your question to be reported in turn.
    If you want “strength and energy,” embrace reality and just work out. Weights and running do wonders. There’s no such thing as “unlimited strength and energy.” That’s every bit as imaginary as your “astral vibrations.”

  3. Tantric breathing exercises can increase energy. Are you looking for long-term strength increase? I would say that frequent mushroom trips have done me a world of good as far as power is concerned.


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