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Ritual to call upon your powers?

my title doesn’t really describe what I’m asking very well but I’m wondering if there is a ritual like a wiccan ritual to call upon powers i have always been curious about this and no I’m not somebody who just goofs off and does harry potter magic! But please answer I’m just curious


  1. Wiccans do not have powers.
    People who work magic have studied it. It’s not something like on Charmed where they just think of something and something grand happens. it’s not something you learn overnight. It takes time and patience and practice and discipline.

  2. Jesus says in the New Testament that we can all do the things he did if we have enough faith. While I have yet to heal anyone or raise anyone from the dead, I have still gained some spiritual power by trying my hardest to follow his teachings (and I emphasize his teachings in the New Testament, not those of Paul who was not an apostle) and through prayer and meditation to connect with God. I guess that is a start, I’ll just have to keep working on it and that is my suggestion to you too.

  3. dude…do any of you really know this world ..iv had more power than you could emagine. If you want power all you have to do is (do not want it) call upon it, ask it to come to you and draw it to you with your mind, be the energy around you dude (accept the energy) around you and then you have all the power in the world…you dont need to learn magick..the shit you see on tv and the sorccerers and wizards =P forget all about fantisy magick its the gods in this universe that alow you to have power to create change. the one in control is, the one who gives you power. for instince you know jesus right? you know how he got power? from his father in heaven (the creater) and yes there is more than one god (but) the highest of all gods will destroy them for god is a jealuse god like he said, thal shalt not have any other god befor god. (Every human has power they just need the guidence of god to unlock it , you are powerless because you accept the fact that people say you are powerless ( meditation) is the only way to the other side, you learn stuff from meditation with out even knowing it. it is unexplanable to tell you when you will know what you learned. anyways to call apon your powers you must realize that you already have it. its in you when you will unlock it when you find it you must trust in your self and in god to control the power with in you, and you will benable to use it. if you are evil wich i dont recamend …then you have to sell your soul and then make a unbreakable vow that you will be evil forever. you have to loose something to gain power and that is your heart, wich will give you no feeling about what you are doing, and you will have to , feed off of other peoples memorie to gain knownlege you are like a virus.. you have the need to constantly suck the life out of people to exist. dosent sound very fun dose it. you know whats cool about it though (nothing) your blind, your faithless in your slef and others, you dont believe in anything exept what you see and know what is true. anyways all this i tell you if for a warning stop worrieing about what you dont have, and stop! looking for power its not going to happen physicaly, when the time is right everthing will be reveiled to you with in secands ….the search for power is going to kill you. you dont know enof to look for it and you cant see it….please i tell you …. if you look for power in the rong place you might stumble upon an negative energy sorce that will consume your soul and you will die. and gaurdians of some power that no one is suposed to have will read your memorie and will kill all the people nessesary to stop anyone from knowing about the power you were trying to control wich would be mainly you. if you think im crazy thats fine because iv been through alot , man iv been through hell and back so anyone who thinks they can match that just try because theres only a few who know what im talking about, and only a few who have gone through the same as me, iv fought demons iv killed legends, even angels( wich i regret) iv been torcherd and i killed the guards when i got loose again lol one time i even took an energy ball and mad it so big it imploded on me , and i destroyed an entir feild of corn wich turned into popcorn, it was funny as hell,i even mad a leigon of demons disapear with the snap of my fingers wich isnt to hard. well crazy people you have a nice life wile i go have infinint glory with god amen


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