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ritual question for Thelemites?

i noticed that alot of ceremonial magick rituals are geared towards spiritual development and growth. Is ceremonial magick also used for mundane things too? (such as gaining a new job, or attracting romance in one’s life)
if so, how is this done?


  1. Yes. That is one of the things you do with ceremonial Magick, but maybe not in that obvious way. There are ceremonies lets say for increasing flow of money. Crowley did this a lot as he has been constantly short of cash. According to his bio, he never was successful with this 😉 – anyways, the tool behind it is that you use elemental or planetary forces which correspond with what you are aiming for. For getting someone attracted towards you, you would not try to manipulate that one’s will but raise your visibility towards that person or that persons awareness for you. As for new job, there are many rituals you could do but one thing is obvious, it i snot like you perform the ritual and then sit down. These rituals work on a different plane in a different way and will support you but not substitute any own other effort. So, first, determine your aim as clear as possible, then find the force which corresponds best to it and use a ritual which includes this.

  2. 93,
    “As above so below.”
    Some schools will teach that even a Growth or “Money,” ritual have an effect on the other.
    CM, for the most part deals with growth, because when it was being popularized the only people who had the time and money to practice it already had all the things they needed [Usually a wife, a job, and significant savings]. Older manuals will have a lot to do with personal gain; you’re really looking for things like the Goetia [Several of the Daemons have such thing under their purview], various “Grimoires,” [Like Honorious, the Grand Grimoire, and so forth]. However those are very fear-based rituals [Several of them would require you to actually skin the animals for tools], and thus can be very uncomfortable [One of them that I have laying around here that even calls for a type of stick that can only be found outside of a small English town, during the winter, while also being virginal.]
    My personal feeling is, is that any ritual can help you, but there are far more effective ways of getting a job, or a woman than burning a ton of incense and scratching your throat ;p. The most important part of the ritual for said things [As can be clearly evidenced by the Crowley Ice-Cream story] is the “Confidence-boost.” After a ritual somebody will feel that they WILL get what they want. I would wager to say that it is possible to cut out the middle man.
    93 93/93


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