Rick Warren (invocation guy tomorrow): Jesus?

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The inauguration is a national event, not a religious event. Pastors at previous inaugurations have usually (but not always) oriented their invocations towards all theists.
1) If he refers to Jesus, is he dissing all non-Christian Americans?
2) If he does NOT mention Jesus, will his followers understand the omission?
3) What would you like him to do.
My opinion: I will be hurt, offended and angry with Obama if there is a reference to anyone/anything but an overarching spirit, generally called God.
If I were in Obama’s church – or any church – then I would expect the pastor to temper his sermon to his audience. The inauguration is not a church service, it is a state function. It is public, not personal.

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IRev. Albert Einstein

I knew this would REALLY make the God haters mad….the homos are already ready to impeach Obama…now the intolerant atheists are going to call for a re -count.
I’m glad Obama decided to piss off the morons by selecting Rich Warren


Sounds like you may have a problem…
It’s Obama’s choice, not yours…


I’m thinking that having a pastor at this event is a silly holdover from the past.
You said it in your Additional Details. THIS IS NOT A CHURCH SERVICE.There is no need for a pastor.

General MacArthur

Unless Rick Warrens prayer is a prayer of repentance for his heretical false teachings, What prayer he says really doesn’t matter, He’s a false teacher , And most serious practicing Christians are well aware of this . No one Obama will have at his inauguration tomorrow will be a representative of Christ, Including himself. God bless.


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