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Retry-When is the right time to buy a metaphysical wand and how do you take care of it?

I’m really thinking of buying a crystal wand. I’m not sure if I’m ready yet, though. I’m not that experienced with rituals yet and I’m solo practicing. If I do feel its time to invest in a wand, then how do I take of it and charge it? What is the average price? I would like to use it for healing and cleansing rituals.
-_- If your going to be a jack then don’t answer.


  1. Buy when it goes on sale. Charging is done by rubbing it behind your ears or between your cheeks…helps with cleansing at the same time. Cleaning and storage are up to you.

  2. Brightest blessings to you sweetheart.
    You can spend as little or as much as you want. I’ve seen wands in stores that were over $1,000. I’ve made my own for free. The wand you make for yourself is better because you can decorate it any way you want and it will have your energy infused into it. If you buy a wand, you need to cleans it first before you use it. Put some water in a bowl and mix in some sea salt. Dip the wand in and rub the whole wand from the middle out to the ends slowly turning it. Kind of like pealing a carrot from the middle outward. Wash the whole thing lovingly with the salt water and FEEL and send TO IT that it is yours and yours alone and the love and pride you have for it. Once it’s cleansed, set it on the altar and do a ceremony of dedication to which ever Deity (s) you choose. allow the energy from the ritual to flow through you into the wand to charge it. When your done, wrap it in a special cloth and put it away in a dark place until you need it again. The more magic you do, the stronger the wand will become.

  3. I would say to buy the wand when it feels right for you. There isn’t any technical “real” time- some people never use a wand. It’s all about what feels good to you, and when you’re ready, you’ll know it.
    How you take care of the wand is all dependent on what the wand is made out of. If it is made of wood, you’ll want to make sure to rub some oils or wax into the wood to keep it healthy. If it is made of a metal with stones glued to it, you’ll want to be sure to keep the metal clean with a cotton cloth. If it is straight crystal/rock, that will vary on the type of rock. I.e. you wouldn’t let a piece of obsidian cleanse in the sun, you’d want to cleanse it in the moon. And the opposite would go for a piece of citrine. It is all dependent on the material.
    As for charging, I just hold it in my hands from time to time and let me energy fuse with the wand. But you could also consecrate it as yours, and there are tons of rituals set to do that. Pricing is also dependent on where you get it. I’ve found really inexpensive wands online, but I like to hold my wand in my hands before buying it. So that’s all up to your preference.
    Hope it helps and good luck!


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