Require Help For Stone & Chakra Meditation?

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I recently chose an orange calcite and ruby zoisite stone from a selection as gifts from a friend who knew I had been unhappy lately. I wear these stones around my neck constantly. When I lie down and meditate on my sacral and heart chakras with stones placed on my body appropriately, I find it hard to breathe. Is this my body getting in touch with me, or do I need to reassess this procedure?

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Dee Cee

first thing make sure the crystals are both energetically clean. soak thm in salt water overnight or pass them through some incense and ask the crystals be cleaned. If they have old energy then that odl energy will congest your aura and cause heaviness on chest.
other thing is perhaps the ruby is too strong for your heart chakra, try holding it in your hand and holding it a few inches above your heart chakra for a little bit to see how it feels. if its too intense, just hold it in your hand by your side.
if there is pain, or discomfort it means its not the right combination for you…theres no need for discomfort in the healing process
good luck!


Did you clean and bless these stones? You also may have blocked energy from another chakra, and where you are placing them is causing too much of an “energy rush” in the wrong place.Whenever I do a chakra cleanse/balance-I find it very beneficial to try my meditation first, and start at the Root Chakra, then move to an area where I can feel a blocked flow. Sometimes it can be easy to figure out, sometimes it takes awhile. Especially if there are underlying causes, that you are not thinking about at the present time. Also, when Iam feeling really out of sorts, I do a yoga practice before anything. Short or long-It helps to “get everything into a flow” and I find it easier to diagnosis my problems, by the physical/mental limitations I feel during mypractice. Good Luck-Namaste’


So you are a meditator, yet you launch into hateful attacks on complete strangers who ask simple cork questions?;_ylt=Atxnaf55vP87OHK7.VZUEDnsy6IX?qid=20070217210615AAir97F
What a dichotomy! What’s your problem?


Visit: Stephanie is very knowledgable about such things.


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