Renown Psychic or a Shaman?





I live in Toronto Ontario, Canada. I am planning a small getogether and my friends are interested in getting a/going to see a Psychic or a Shaman. Does anyone out there know of a reputable Psychic or a Shaman? Only serious reponses pls.


  1. look on in your area and see if there are any psychics. get references…how much do they charge? are their clients happy? ect.
    if you’re looking for a more ‘fun’ and ‘interesting’ time, check out a psychic, but be forewarned not all of them are honest.
    If you are looking for a more spiritual time, look for a shaman.
    and remember, they both deserve respect.

  2. Why don’t you just throw a party at your house instead of getting scammed?
    Seriously. Cook up some popcorn in the microwave, rent or get a movie or two and just chill out. That sounds much more fun than a psychic.

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