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Removing Negative Energies?

Okay, so I’m a Pagan, granted one’s who’s been out of practice and I need a cleansing spell. Not to stop something from entering your home, but to rid something negative that’s already in your home. In fact, we think the source may be something in the front of our house. It always smells like somethings decaying out there, right on our front porch. We rented the house, so what happened here before, no one knows, but even my dad (who is the most practical, there is a reason for everything) is starting to believe that something/one is buried on our property. It’s affecting the house. Something is going on. If you have no helpful answers or take in the Lord Jesus, blah blah, don’t reply, seriously, I don’t want to hear it, if you however have helpful information, please do help. I have posted this in mythology & Folklore because posting in Religion & Spirituality may get me more hate replies than I wish, and I know a lot of Pagan’s read this section. Thank you for your time.
Been there, done that with the smudging, didn’t work…somethings up and I need something stronger…weird, I know any other time I’ve done it smudging has worked…I’m out of my element here


  1. Have you tried burning sage (smudging)? Light the smudge stick and go from room to room getting all the smoke in every corner. Grab the smoke with your hand and cleans yourself. This should remove negative energies from your home.
    Edit: Try using seasalt. Fill a misting bottle with water with a little sea salt and spray your house. The black candle is a good idea it is for removing something unwanted. Light but don’t blow out. If you need to extinguish it snuff it out.

  2. This is going to sound a little strange, but cut an onion in half, bring it out to porch and put the open halves in a container and leave it out for about a week. The onion has the power to ‘suck in’ negative energy and will turn all black and strange once it has. After a week, get rid of the union outside of your property. Another trick, bless a black candle and put the intent in it for it to absorb the negative energy in your property. Make it a good stout candle, if possible, let it continue to burn until it is completely spent, then bury or dispose otherwise of the candle outside of your property. Promptly burn a white candle for blessing so that other negative energy doesn’t come in. You can also do a salt cleansing and a broom cleansing if you wish. With the waning moon, now is the best time of all of these things.

  3. Sage, maybe one that is mixed with cedar and lavender would be a great way to cleanse.
    Have you considered digging up whatever that is?
    Making holy water: A bowl of water and a pinch or two of salt. Hands over water while saying “where this holy water is cast, let no spell or thing of evil last”. Then sprinkle it around the home and doors and everything you want to use it on. You can say the above prayer as you do so.
    Light a white candle and ask for protection of your family, home and of yourself.
    Do dig it up, I cannot be certain about what it is, but if you can dig it up do it as soon as possible. Decaying energy at the front door is not at all healthy for your home. This could even be something done on purpose. Feel free do contact me if in case you do find something other than just a dead animal.
    My cards show that whatever it is will affect you.
    Blessings and positive energy being sent to you and yours,
    Shadow the Witch

  4. i would try casting protective wards and wards for banishing. you can use any runes you are comfortable with just make sure you get the right ones. use that on top of burning sage etc. also try getting some friends over and invoking light and good energies and banish the negative.


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