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Remove the Hex/curse from his ex…and then what?

The BF and i have been together for almost a year and i deeply, truly love this man. We both have very strong personalities and when we argue it’s like the clash of the titans. We’re both incredibly strong-willed and he is much more stubborn than me. Anyway, lately we’ve been having major arguments over small and petty things. As of right now, we haven’t talked in a week. I have some psychic abilities and believe in all sorts of goings-on in the spiritual world. I recently went to see a psychic and she mentioned that my BF’s ex-girlfriend has been “working” to separate us and cause confusion in our relationship. Considering i had a dream about the ex-gf laughing at me and the bf (while we were arguing, none the less) i’m inclined to believe that the ex-gf really is cursing us. My question is: what kind of candle magick should i do to get her to leave us alone…for good? I don’t want to cause her any harm and i don’t want her to start messing with another couple…but she does need to leave me and my BF alone. Also, what would you suggest (using candles) i do to open his heart and help him remember the good things about us? He already loves me; i know this…I’m looking for something that will help him remember what we have, make him get his over his ego/pride and open doors of communication between us, again. Thanking all serious answers in advance…
Rowan posed a good point….I would need to know exactly what this person has done in order to remove it. And I do not know what method the ex-gf is using to bring chaos to me and the BF. Having said that…should I work on “protecting” my relationship in conjunction with doing something to keep her away? I sure hope that makes sense. Yesterday I burned three figurine candles (1 for me, 1 for him, 1 for her). My candle burned the quickest and the BFs finished about 2 hours after me. Our waxes mingled, blended, and melted into each other with the vast majority of his wax moving away from her to encompass me. Her candle burned very slowly and with a high flame. However, it went out about 2 hours after his. Her wax only started melting towards him after his candle extinguished; and even then her wax was still inches away from his. I took her wax and put it in the freezer; I’m trying to “freeze” her evil. As for my and the BFs wax, i scooped it up and melted it together in a pan.


  1. I think Red candles for Romance any red. And I believe white for peace and sanctuary will help and of course you can sprinkle white salt around the house to keep bad spirits away.
    hope this helps.

  2. you might try using mirrors facing outward to rebound anything she might try to send in your direction back at her. might also do a major cleansing & then blessing of your living space to rid it of negative energy.
    good luck!

  3. Are you Wiccan? The reason why I ask is because any of the advise that may be given do interfere with the Wiccan belief.
    Removing a hex isn’t as easy as removing a regular spell. It involves more (not just candles). Most of the times, to remove, you send back (harm none, won’t apply anymore). And normally you don’t remove (unless you know the exact hex), you do a counteract (basically a new hex, which is a no no in Wicca)
    Edit: Please check your emails. I sent you some info 🙂

  4. You might not need to know exactly what she’s been doing. But a good way to start would be to use a figural Couples candle, fixed as you and your BF (usually a some hair is worked into both the man and woman candle fromt he respective man and woman in the relationship) and dress it with Jinx Killer, and also burn some Jinx Killer incense in the home. Then begin burning glass-encased Fiery Wall of Protection candles dressed with that oil (I’d suggest buying a whole case of candles, or hiring out a candle-burning by the month), and also wash the floors with Fiery Wall. That’s what I would suggest, at least. It should neutralize whatever work she’s doing.
    Then, personally, I would fix a namepaper for the ex and put it in a jar, then throw it in a river to make her go away.

  5. Me and my bf broke up I have alit of love for him and I wish him the best I want us to grow and succeed and maybe come back together in the distant future but I fear he has a curse put on him by an ex of his I only want to know if there is a way to remove the curse from him while not being near him. All I’ve been doing is praying because I don’t know if he can get out of this


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