‘Remote Viewers’ that was the name given to people working in a secret project of the CIA during the 1970’s. Using their psychic skills after extensive training in undisclosed secret centers of the CIA and US Army, they could trace enemies bases and missiles’ locations, among other things.

Exploring inside the US intelligence’s use of psychic Powers for high level spying missions, This documentary formed a pivotal part of Channel 4’s science-fiction weekend when aired in Britain. The Documentary enters a cloak-and-dagger climate of paranoid psychic warfare, Remote Viewing, extra-sensory spying and psychic skills used as a legitimate government weapon.

For the first time, men and women at the heart of America’s psychic spying programme, talk candidly about concerns with strange events and bizarre phenomena shared by the CIA, FBI, NASA, Secret Service and each of the armed forces. Giant ravens, shamanic monsters, mysterious spirit entities and enough government involvement to fuel conspiracy junkies’ theories for eons.The novelist Jim Schnabel investigates this mystery to explore all the truth about it, with interviews to ex members of the Remote Viewers and some military implied in the R.V.’s project, discovering the fear and the paranoia what ruled in Cold War’s times and the incredible psychic powers what the Remote Viewing has.

“Spoon-bending sessions, we learned from This Documentary, were a popular pastime in the higher reaches of American intelligence when reliance on psychic perception in espionage became slightly out of hand.

An old army hand recalled that one agency was overrun with ‘civilian-type females’ (the witches) reading senior officers tarot cards and performing what were graphically described as ‘psychic blowjobs’.”



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