Home Discussion Forum Religiously, Spiritually & Spiritlessly....how serious do you take yourself?

Religiously, Spiritually & Spiritlessly….how serious do you take yourself?

The role of the ego:
It is the ego which allows us to be in this reality where there is duality. That is why we see this reality with 2 eyes. But, we must understand the Higher Truth – that all is One, One Energy Source – and that perception comes with seeing from a single eye, the spiritual eye. The ego’s true purpose is to offer us choice by comparison. It helps us decide what we want to experience and learn in this lifetime. The ego controls emotions. We need it for our wide range of emotions, which we learn from – in this way we learn to work with energy and use it appropriately. Self sabotage is the ego in its lower vibration.
Listen to the Higher Self. The ego was designed to deal with polarity – neither side of which is the real truth. The Higher Truth is larger than, bigger than, either side of polarity. It is the point in the middle, the zero point, the neutral point where there is no attachment.
How centered is your ego?


  1. I don’t take myself seriously at all. I do believe that I can be serious but I do know I am not serious.

  2. Much more seriously than I should sometimes. It depends on the situation. When I’m with my friends, I’m more laid back about my speech and behavior, but when I’m around strangers or making a presentation, I’m more critical of myself and easily embarrassed.

  3. i don’t know how centered my ego is, related to spirituality. i’m not necessarily “afraid” to open up to people…that’s not the right word. i just don’t what the right word is. i just don’t let people in.
    my emotions are almost shut down, spiritually. i have a couple of close friends, but they really don’t know me that well – they know what i want them to know. i have to deal with their issues when they come crying to me, and god knows i don’t want them to see me vulnerable..i mean, er, not that i ever am.
    see what i mean?
    i just like living within the walls i’ve built. at least for the most part. or at least i’m used to it. maybe that’s as centered as i’m gong to get.

  4. When I get ready to talk I make sure it’s the truth, because a lot is riding on my honesty and reputation, but mainly this is a concern at work.
    Being honest and trustworthy is important to me, and I am trying hard to make my son understand how important these qualities are.
    So I teeter in the middle of the balance on being serious.
    I told my son his whole life – ‘You have to know when to be serious and when to be silly (and stretch the truth a little).’ Telling mom there’s an snake in your room is proper but ya gotta know when she is ready to play…

  5. I like your description. I’ll need to think about this a fair bit more before I can answer though.


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