Religiously speaking, should I believe in reincarnation whenever I create a new account?

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Assassinated by Report Monkeys again!

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Z W (The face of Anonymous)

I found out that reporing report monkeys builds up your tolerance level of Y!Amster. So technically speaking.

Queen of Hearts

If you think the computer world is reality then I guess so 🙂

Mokele Mbembe

Kinda trivializes the “carn” in “reincarnation” now doesn’t it?

Paul s jnr

They will downgrade you to rock status mate, watch yourself LOL

The Demon Lord Sesshomaru

I do.
Yahoo “Suspended” my latest “Kamikaze” account with only 2 violations! Fortunately, I have no less than 2 dozen accounts.
I totally agree. And as you may know, I’ve been known to take weeks off from playing just to take my armada of accounts and systematically hunt down, Report, and destroy these sanctimonious “Report Monkeys”.


Spiritually speaking you ought to keep a low profile and and do what comes natural…


It all depends on whether or not you embrace being born again or if you relapse into your disrespectful ways. The Lord doesn’t like blasphemers!

Mauline Rao

No, if reincarnation is true why don’t our dead family members come back to us after rebirth? In today’s modern world, rebirth is just a mythology & a superstition.

Phil K

Well if that’s true I’ve been reincarnated lots of times. I reloaded the game after I died.


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