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Religion is the BIGGEST scam of all time.?

Let me start off by saying im not atheist. I dont have a Religion or follow any. I believe in Native American Spirituality. Or Shamanism. Its ok if you pray to Jesus and such. Or Many Spirits. But Religion is a scam. Why? Churches are just there to take your money. Any one denying that is naive. Do your research before you say it isnt a scam. Which brings me to my question. Why do you follow a certain religion? Why not believe in jesus, pray to him, But you dont need to follow the rules of the bible? All Religion have Very similar Rules. the 10 commandments actually came from the Egyptians. Adam and eve came from the Story of Hercules. Sound Crazy? Read a book. The IDEA of adam and eve came from Hercules story when he had to travel into the Mountains and found this beautiful Garden. thats where the adam and eve myth and the Garden of Eden idea came from. Im not dissin Christianity but its all Similar. All Religions. The idea of the devil actually came Hades the Greek God of the underworld. Where actually, the idea of Heaven came from. They were 3 parts under there. 1. The Fiery volcano pit ( Which the idea of hell came from) 2. A glorious place where good souls can rest in peace ( Idea of Heaven came from this) and 3. The place where spirits just walk around for an entirety. ( This is where the idea of ghosts came from, And yes ghosts are real) In Greek Painting they actually have paintings of Jesus christ Looking down at the pit. Telling the souls they can be saved if they believed in him. Christianity mostly came from the Egyptians, And the Greek Gods. Before defending your beliefs and saying im wrong, Please Read
Im 18 years old. Science is Interesting, But Spirituality is Real. Im sorry it is. Whether you believe it or not it is. Spirituality isnt a religion.
Baby Dawson.. How am i an idiot? Ive done my research and looks like you dont different ones. Your the idiot
Ok. Im NOT dissing any religion. If yo read further you would know what i am talking about


  1. yes it is… and it continues to be because they are selling an invisible product….
    all that money can go elsewhere… back in the pockets of those families

  2. Yes
    And it is simply amazing, with all the available data, knowledge, science, education etc., etc
    that people fall for this biggest hoax of all human history

  3. I agree… kinda, especially the catholic church.. they seem to only care about money but religion overall was not supposed to be a scam or even be about money. Look at religions like Buddhism they aren’t out to get your money, but they do teach ideals of giving money where you can (not to there monasteries but just in general.)
    I am a very spiritual person, i guess as long as someones beliefs teach them to do good in life i really don’t care even if there worshiping a furby.

  4. What an idiot…You dare to say you are better than Aristotle !!
    Aristotle Versus the Atheists: On the Existence of God and the Immortality of the Soul (Hardcover)
    by Paul Berry
    And you are wrong about the Greek Gods, completely wrong. Plato, Socrates, and Aristotle lambasted the Greek Gods. It cost Socrates his life. The Christians took over Plato’s critique of the gods. You are a complete idiot.

  5. Clearly in some cases (*cough* Scientology) that has been the case, but I think the greater motivation for maintaining religion is the need to understand what (at the time) we simply did not have the ability to understand. Secondly there is a huge comfort factor which encompasses a number of areas which religion can bring, from life after death to guidance.

  6. NO
    It is not “the biggest scam of all time.”
    I disagree. My church uses money to provide food and medical care for the needy and to provide “backpack” buddies for children who have NO FOOD AT ALL over the weekend. YOU are naive if you do not think that churches use all their money for selfish reasons.
    DO some research before you spout untruths and false generalizations.
    I find it amusing that as you call someone an idiot, you are using “your” incorrectly. YOU’RE = “you are”
    YOUR is a possessive pronoun. Your rant is full of grammatical errors, which does little to give evidence of your credibility. But of course, no atheist will mention that, because of the double standard concerning this. Atheists make all the grammatical errors they please, and it is cool. However, if a Christian even makes a typo, we are illiterate.
    Just sayin…..
    NOTE—-I did not say you were an atheist…..I want to make that clear.

  7. True Christianity is not a scam. Yes, people distort and extort and adulterate Christianity and take advantage of simple folks. But that doesn’t make the religion a scam, it makes people scammers. You should study Christianity before dissing it. And we wouldn’t know a thing about Christianity without the Bible. At 18, there are a world of things you don’t know, hard as that may be to fathom at your age.

  8. What you think you are describing here is called syncretism. Problem is you got all heated up after reading a few writings on the subject specifically designed to get people like you riled up (this branches off in to a rather lengthy tangent for why these writing exist). Its good that you have a sense of curiosity but if you truly want to discuss/learn on this kind of subject you need to keep out all biased opinions and keep in mind there is NEVER a definite black and white when looking at ancient history.
    If you do want to learn more on this subject I highly recommend you looking in to the works of Sir James George Frazer, especially a work titled “The Golden Bough”.
    Also take into consideration that religion is defined differently for each person, even among those who claim to follow the same doctrine. Once you start condemning the beliefs of others and try to enforce your own beliefs, you are no longer in the realm of discussion but tyranny.
    you wrote:
    “But Spirituality is Real. Im sorry it is. Whether you believe it or not it is. Spirituality isnt a religion.”
    There is nothing more definitive than spiritualism when describing religion.


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