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Relgious dilemna, please help?

OK..I was visiting this charming town called Elizabethtown, in Kentucky, and I was feeling this emotional and spiritual crisis, so I phoned this Catholic Church and I spoke to the residing priest, Father Patrick O’Brien. He agreed to meet me at the hotel I was staying at for “spiritual guidance” and then he asked to see my room. Anyway…to make a long story short, I think he stole my Chia Pet, Jodie, which looked a lot like Jesus Christ. I can’t prove anything, of course, but I’m not sure what to do because I feel so violated by the whole thing. Any advice as to who I could write or phone about this problem would be appreciated. Thank you!!


  1. Ok…wow. First, make sure that he actually stole it. IF you absolutely can’t find the thing, go to the police. Stealing is stealing.

  2. Maybe it was hotel staff who stole your dear chia pet, Jodie.
    Maybe it was Jesus Christ who took Jodie up into heaven to be with Him as he liked it that Jodie looked like him.
    BTW how do you know what Jesus looks like?
    Why don’t you call Father Patrick O’Brien and ask him if he stole your dear chia pet, Jodie.
    I’m sure he would tell you the truth.
    BTW I live in Kentucky and I just attempted to find a Father Patrick O’Brien and had no luck in finding such priest.
    Are you sure this is all true?
    I’ll pray for your spiritual crises to go away. I’ll pray for your dear Jodie to be delivered safely to you…………………..
    Take Care

  3. even the clergy is human, they all sin. of course you feel more violated when the role model is behaving poorly. but jesus taught forgiveness. besides that you cant proove to his supiriors in was him, and the police will laugh at you and be mad that you wasted the time they should be spending on rapists & murderers over a chia pet. you’ll just have to get a new chia pet and ask god for help forgiving.
    maybe jody had become a false idol. or something wierder, do you have a girlfriend?


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