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Does a past life influence our current life? Who else is interested in past-life regression?
Church is not the answer and the bible is just a book….period. I do believe we have a soul which is a form of energy. Our bodies may die, but what happens to the energy of our soul?
Calling the bible a book isn’t an insult….that’s what it is. Where do people buy bibles? At a BOOK STORE.


  1. Reincarnation does not exist!!!When u die u go to heaven or hell u dont turn into a tree or something!!!You have to ask The Lord Jesus Christ into ur heart and ask him to forgive your sins and he will beacuse he died on the cross for everyone in the world. Yes–You-me and everyone!Just pray and ask him into ur heart and you will go to heaven. You dont want to go to hell because the bible says it is where there is fire nad pain and gnashing of teeth. Where u burn and burn and dont die. Its horrible so be a christian and u will go to heaven. Find a church that u can go to. Not a catholic on or lutheran try a baptist church or a bible fellowship one.

  2. read the one above me. Woman above me its people like you that make me homicidal and its people like you that make me go onto church property just to fuck a hoe. Anyway yea Truth is noone knows what happens when we die but, When pondering this for a while youll realize reincarnation is the most logical by far. Yes i do beleive in reincarnation and i do beleive your previous life affects you. The universe itself is born dies and is reborn an infinite number of times we are just a part of it why should my conciousness be any different.

  3. I agree with Shmeegin and everything said. Make sure what ever church you join, it is a church that is on fire for God and that does not twist the word of God to suit them, but basis all they believe strictly on the word of God.

  4. I don’t believe in that kind of past life. We are matter and our matter gets passed on in various other forms. Our bodies are recycled by nature and is just another food source. Maggots eat us or our ashes help fertilize. Plants grow from it and our matter passes on to it, etc. Birds eat the maggots and we may come out as bird poop. 🙂

  5. In addition to being a spiritual medium, I became a certified hypnotherapist in the mid-1990s and have done past life regressions on people. Find yourself a good referral for a hypnotherapist who does past life regression and confirm it for yourself.
    To answer your question, yes, one’s past does influence one’s present. An example of this is within one’s aptitudes.
    All talent and genius stems from experience.
    People who have a particular talent at an early age, like painting, musical composition, speaking ability, etc., have that aptitude because they cultivated it in the past, i.e., prior to birth. That former experience can be in the discarnate dimensions during the Interlife (i.e., in-between physical embodiment), and/or it can be derived from one or more former incarnations.
    A classic example of this are all the musical geniuses that have composed intricate and beautiful musical masterpieces at a very early age.
    Additional illustrations of this is the unusual ability of Criss Angel and David Blaine to control their physical bodies. That aptitude stems from one or more lifetimes in India when they developed advanced yogic discipline as fakirs. This does not indicate that they are spiritually advanced, as yogic discipline has little to do with selflessness and the ability to love genuinely and deeply, but it does point to them having advanced physical discipline in controlling the body.
    One of the challenges of physical existence is that we forget much of what we knew in the Spirit, when we had access to all our soul memory. That forgetfulness leaves us completely when we once again return to The Light.
    Past life hypnotic regression, meditation, channeling, etc., are all avenues to gain insight about our past. But one must be careful what one accepts through channeling, as that can be misleading and there are many on the Other Side who have an agenda and who willfully distort the truth.
    For example, I was once given a reading from someone who did automatic writing that I had a lifetime in the Middle Ages of a highly priestly nature. When pressed further, they said that I was a monk in a monestary in England and that I liked to paint the beautiful pictures of the Bible. That didn’t ring completely true to me. For one thing, I have no talent for drawing or painting.
    Years later a friend of mine did a spontaneous channeling in my basement that I was an Albigensian nun.
    I wound up doing my senior thesis for my history degree on the Albigensian Crusade.
    So let’s summarize what really happened…
    The automatic writer, who had a strong Christian element to her channelings, was given that I was a Catholic in a former life. That was incorrect, as I was a Cathar.
    The automatic writer was given that I was male. That was incorrect, as I was a female.
    The automatic writer was given that I had a lifetime in the Middle Ages of a “highly priestly nature.” That was right.
    The Catholic Church opposed the Cathari and Pope Innocent The Third ordered the destruction of the Cathar Church in Languedoc. In doing so, the fledgling nation of Languedoc (now the south of France) was also ended. Thousands of Christians and Cathars alike were slaugtered, one town at a time, by Catholic mercenaries who were led by northern French noblemen. Cathar priestesses (parfaits) were stripped and gang-raped, and many Cathar priests were tortured – atrocities that never made it into the history books!
    One or more Group Entities did not want me to remember my past clearly. But with time, that problem was amended, as I slowly pieced together my past. I am still learning and relearning what I have forgotten.
    In contrast to the Hindu understanding of reincarnation, one does not automatically go from one body to the other. The soul returns to the Primary Reality of Spirit and then decides whether or not to come back into physicality. The discarnate dimensions are the true home of the soul.
    The more mature ones wait a long time to reincarnate, if at all, as they take time to reflect in depth and carefully choose the cirumstances – depending on what is available – for their next incarnation.
    Most souls do not descend into physical embodiment for the noble cause of serving others and spiritual evolution. So to say that the purpose of physical life is to spiritually evolve is not really the case for most people.
    Also contrary to what many believe, we are not rewarded from a former selfless life with a life of wealth, beauty, popularity and happiness. It doesn’t work that way.
    Reward and punishment balances out on the Other Side by the soul’s ability or inability to ascend into The Light. The greater a soul’s ability to love genuinely and deeply – which corresponds to the ability to Radiate Spiritual White Light in the Spirit – the greater the spiritual evolution.
    The higher the plane in The Light, the greater the expansion of consciousness, the brighter it is, the more spiritual the dimension, and the higher the level of energy. When a Saint has evolved to the point of singly (not in a Group Entity) having the power to create matter at will in The Light, then that soul has become a Co-Creator, i.e., a God Realized Master. Stable God Realized Masters will have the greatest and longest contentment with the energy in and from The Light.

  6. the result is so many things ,i just found one thing in my little life ,every body will take every thing he or she want . about any thing ,increation is one of them
    but my friend just learn some thing in your life if you want be idol you are free to be ,but never insult christianes ,and if you are christiane you are free but never insult muslims.
    i think in this world every body is free to have his or her idea about life ,but never make other peoples hurt if you are mind and if here is philosophy part of yahoo!!!


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