I have only just realised how stupid people are who believe in re-incarnation!
Me myself, use to believe it, as someone i know had a past-life regression thing done, and it amazed me!
But my friend just pointed out to me…….
If reincarnation is true, there should always be the same amount of people on the planet? there should be the same amount of people here today, as there was in the beginning of the universe, other wise reincarnation doesnt make sense?
if some people dont get reincarnted, then that makes even less sense!!!
cuz wer did all them extra souls come from?


  1. ok look there are ould souls and new souls the old souls reincarnate over and over and over but remember god creates new souls to live on earth as well

  2. That’s a rather common objection to reincarnation, but it doesn’t quite hold up to closer scrutiny. Buddhists and Hindus believe that reincarnation happens not just between human lives, but also animal, and spiritual lives (devas and ghosts). Not to mention that there are also other planets in the Universe with sentient lives.

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