Reincarnation? Real? I read a book "messengers" and it's about a man that got hypnotized and tells of a

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story of walking with Jesus as the Apostle Paul?
What do u think? Any stories that u know of?

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I have seen several shows on tv about reincarnation, I really don’t believe in it myself but, there has to be an explanation for what some people experience, on the shows I have seen the people are hypnotized and tell of a former life and when research is done on that persons life there are true facts that the person describes under hypnosis, but I guess the person could have done research themselves. I don’t know, it is a little out there to me.


Hypnotism is a very real way of recalling what you did in past lives. If you immediately record what you experienced then you can use it to figure out who you were.


I believe that reincarnation is very real.
I don’t think that all people had a past life though.
Some people you can look at and just know that they are new to the universe.
Many people you can see who they were if you get to know them.


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