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Reincarnation, please give me logical reasons to consider it as a possibility?

I am agnostic. I would say I’m an atheist, but I am open to possibilities of a god, or life after death. (I was raised christian fundamentalist, but am not any longer) I don’t feel that the heaven/hell model for the afterlife makes any sense, at least not hell. I don’t know much about reincarnation. Are there any logical, rational people out there who believe in reincarnation? If so, please tell me about what you believe.


  1. You’r afraid about what is going to happen to you when you die and the idea of nothing is absurd.
    Therefore you either belief in heaven or reincarnation to please yourself

  2. Reincarnation in the sense that the energy housed by our bodies can neither be created nor destroyed and instead will move on once we expire to be used in some other form …

  3. It’s anyone’s guess, i mean, when was the last time you died and go to see it for yourself?
    the only people who know are the people who are there.
    just buck up and get ready for it.
    but i would deeply consider looking into a religion that fits you, it makes life easier when you believe.

  4. Some scientists and researchers believe that the brain, rather than CONSTRUCTING consciousness, actually reflects it instead. They suggest that consciousness doesn’t need a body to exist, and that having been reflected by a body maintains the memories of it.
    SO, were another body to reflect the same consciousness, voila: reincarnation. You would have (relatively) easy accessibility to those memories in your new life.
    But it’s far more complicated than that. That’s part of Entanglement theory, which suggests there is only ONE consciousness, and each person simply reflects in in a different way, imprinting their experiences onto it, where everyone can tap into them.
    At least that’s what SOME scientists think.

  5. I can give you these logical reasons, please tell me if you want more:
    – We know that life didn’t always exist on Earth, so where did the first soul come from?
    – Reincarnation is about moving from one body to another whether human, animal, plant .. etc, so, does that mean there’s a fixed number of souls out there? what about the new creatures? I mean the number of living creatures has never been the same on Earth, has it? So how does reincarnation deal with this?
    – The purpose of reincarnation as stated by those who believe in it is to purify your soul and learn from the mistakes you did in previous lives so that you avoid them in this life, if this is true, then what kind of morals can I learn or mistakes can I make by being a tree or a cockroach for example? and how can I avoid the mistakes I made in a past life if I can’t remember anything about them in the first place?
    – Why only those who believe in reincarnation see ‘flashes’ from past lives? why none of us do this? personally I don’t remember anything about being a cat or a dog or whatever in a past life, ironically, those who do believe in reincarnation will keep telling you about flashes they see from past lives, this is what happens when you let your feelings take over your mind.

  6. “Humankind has not woven the web of life.We are but one thread within it.Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves.All things are bound together.All things connect. Man does not weave this web of life.He is merely a strand of it.Whatever he does to the web, he does to himself.”Chief Seattle, chief of the Suquamis.
    I’m Catholic. But it is all connected… through God… or Life force,whatever you want to call it. I love reading Depak Chopra… He talks of an “interconnectedness” that does not interfere with my Catholic beliefs.
    Cathy M , I think, I hope, You may actually like the last two links below here: It follows a similar thinking to what you just wrote! surprise! : )

  7. The false belief that says souls travel between bodies with its common use reincarnation. According to this belief, bodies are just like moulds of souls. A soul migrates from a mould to another, from a body to another. The soul of a man, after leaving the body, enters into a body of an animal, which lives in sky, on earth or in the sea and then goes to another animal, after that enters into a body of human being and goes on.
    Even some ancient tribes believed that the soul had migrations from a body to another, first to mines later to plants and after that to human beings alternately. Pythagoras tried to give a philosophical form to it by saying “the soul changes its body until it prevails upon the matter.” This belief dates back to ancient times and mainly primitive people having simple beliefs accepted it. Those, who did not believe in the Scriptures and who are far away from notifications of prophets, became obsessed in this belief since they couldn’t understand God’s eternal and permanent stages in hereafter, or since they thought they would quieten the outcries of eternity in their natures and satisfy their wishes in this way, because they couldn’t understand these with their narrow minds. In time, it is even covered with a view of philosophy.
    Let me give you a Brief History of Reincarnation:
    There are different views about where reincarnation appeared first. According to some sources, the source of this theory is Egypt. Historian Herodotus also had the similar thoughts. In ancient Egypt, it was believed that the soul of a dead person continued his life in animals’ bodies, especially birds and snakes. Egyptians used to believe that the soul entered into an animal’s body immediately after death and after visiting bodies of many animals, it came back to his own body (body of human).At the age of Pharaohs; this belief effected construction of the pyramids.
    In some sources, it is said that Pythagoras carried that outmoded belief to Greek people and via Greeks; it was carried to the West.
    In the Orient, It is seen in India widespread. People who believed in hot zones of rivers Ganj and Sent used to believe that souls would live in bodies of birds after death.
    When investigated, it is seen that this false belief also existed in religions of primitive tribes before ancient Egypt and India. Similarly, we can see traces of reincarnation belief in totems.
    Early people used to believe that souls migrated not only to human bodies but also to animals, plants, and lifeless existences. So, migration of the soul to another human body was called “Nash”, migration to an animal body that is suitable for features of his soul was called “Mash”, migration to plants was called “Rash” migration to mines and lifeless stuffs was called “Fash”.
    This false belief appeared in ancient Greece, Egypt, India, China, and Iran in different ways. For example in India reincarnation belief was generalized to all existences and turned into mystic forms in Buddhism and Brahmanism. In conclusion this belief was accepted; “Souls who don’t have sins and are clean reach nirvana and sinner souls live in bodies of animals until they get cleaned.
    Ancient Egyptians accepted it as a migration only from human body to animal and from animal back to human body.
    In ancient Greece, as far as understood from history of philosophy, it was tried to cloth reincarnation a philosophical form by first Pythagoras, Plato, and later Neo-Platonists.
    This belief, originated in Egypt, was put into mystic form in India, philosophical form in Greece. It was given the cover of ethical profession and religion in Iran. This belief had believers in religious groups like Zoroastrians and Mazdaki.
    In Iran, this philosophy, dating back to ancient history, passed to some branches of Shiite. Unfortunately, even this science and information century, we encounter people having these beliefs. Those people are the ones who are in primitive ages in mind and who suffer depression in upheaval of present world.
    We see that reincarnation belief which existed in ancient Greece, India, Egypt and in Mesopotamia lost its effect slowly by spread of heavenly religions especially Islam and faded away from the life of thoughts totally.
    We sometimes encounter people who want to re-exhibit this sophistry. First of them are French Charles Fourrier and Pierre Lerou. Both them are strict socialists. They do not believe in souls regarding their ideology. These materialistic people strictly follow the reincarnation belief to harm the belief of hereafter thus finding reasons for their perverted ideologies.
    Now they are materialistic tricky (people) who believe this superstition who want to disseminate and propagandize it.
    What are the Evidences Indicating Invalidity of Reincarnation:
    Reincarnation that is opposed to faiths and essentials of all heavenly religions has no scientific base. Total number of believers of reincarnation is so low that it is not worth counting statistically. Before the proves that rebut the assertions I want to mention that; All the existences in the universe from stars to motes are under the possession and domination of an absolute Will, comprehensive Knowledge, prevalent Power signs of an order. That means, all existences do exist and stop existing by God’s actions and regulations. They become active by permission of absolute Knowledge and Will. That majestic Sun those vast systems have moved and done work without fail since they were created, and this shows that souls and bodies cannot be without control, cannot defy the system. Notion of reincarnation that takes the soul out of the system is diametrically contrary to wisdom of God is a big slander to His holy attributes like beneficence, generosity and benevolence, munificence.
    Wisdom and Mercy of God rejects that nasty superstition. Will the heavenly Power that make man vicegerent and sultan of world, that assigns heavens and earth to his service and create him in a high rank, perfectly and bestow him with comprehensive capabilities, make the soul which has those properties travel into the bodies of mice, dogs, snakes even monkeys? Will his justify and wisdom, His mercy and compassion, benevolence and bestowment let this be? Will that situation befit to His reputation.
    Our religion gives so much value to human that it does not let graves be stepped on. How can God who does not let bones and soils which have bones in it be stepped on make souls of man travel into bodies of animals?
    Will God put soul of man, who gets angry when called “dog” into a body of a dog and let it be tied to his son’s door or put it into a body of donkey and let it carry his son on his back.
    Notion of reincarnation is also opposed to promise of God .Requirements of His demands and prohibitions will certainly come true. He promises paradise for believers, He will carry out this promise. He will punish wicked those denying His deity, non-believers and discard sowers’ of dissent with eternal torment. Believers will be rewarded and non-believers and discard sowers’ of dissent will not be able to escape from torment with their notion of reincarnation.
    Notion of reincarnation is also opposed to the fact of existences of prophets and Holy Scriptures. If souls were without control and were free in their moves, we would not need prophets and Scriptures. The greatest assertion of the Prophet after existence of God and divine is to make people believe in eternal life, hereafter. God sent them to provide human race with progress and maturation and to turn their views of life towards the direction of eternal life. Reincarnation is diametrically contradicted with the facts of existences of Scriptures and assignments of the prophets.
    Man is created as a fortunate existence and heavens and earth, day and night, animals and plants are given to his command and he is assigned as a vicegerent to earth and was created in highest rank as a noble existence and some sort of angels strive to take care and protect him, and that he was rewarded to have an eternal life and that believers will be in paradise and non-believers in Hell permanently, completely rejects the notion of reincarnation.
    After some explanation about inconsistency of reincarnation, let us to expound the subject in detail.
    Inconsistency of Reincarnation in Respect of Logic and Law:
    If reincarnation existed and was real, it would include all people. Majority of people would be supposed to remember ex-bodies they lived in and to remember actions they did when they were in them before moving into their present bodies. Demonstrating a superstition that billions of people do not live, know and believe has no value in aspect of logic. For what reasons is this superstition put into people’s minds? To tell the truth, it is thought provoking and teach lesson.
    There are three groups of people claiming about reincarnation. These are a few children, psychopaths, and ideological tricksters.
    So far, only a few children have claimed that they lived in different bodies. But the remarks of the children who are only about six and seven have no value in respect of law and science, because, they are not adults. No assertion can be proved by the remarks of the children who live their childhood that cannot distinguish the right from the wrong that cannot perceive the difference between right and wrong. They may be under some psychological effects like making the surrounding busy with them and gathering attention, getting prestige, being known, and getting “well-done.” Therefore, their fantastic and trivial remarks cannot have scientific and legal value.
    According the researches, total number of the children who are claimed to have had reincarnation is not more than three or five. The evidence that all the supporters of reincarnation rely on is just the illogical remarks of those children.

  8. I am a Christian, however, due to some memories of being in a spiritual realm before I was born and the nature of the conversations that I remember, I am left with the conclusion that reincarnation is quite possible.
    Sorry I can’t give you any evidence of this.
    God Bless and have an AMAZING day today!!
    🙂 Jaye
    ** The reincarnation that I am acquainted with doesn’t include a human soul returning as a rock, tree, or animal, it just doesn’t work that way.

  9. Reincarnation is driven by Karma. Karma is the law of cause and effect. All the variations we find globally due to karma. Even twins show significant variation due to their karma.
    Born to this world is a traumatic experience, …beginning of suffering, the suffering of sickness, the suffering of departing the loved ones, the suffering of gaining the unwanted and unpleasant , the suffering of not gaining the wanted and pleasant, suffering of sickness, death, sorrow, hurt, pain, hatred, enemy, and many more. The list goes on indefinitely, from the moment of one’s birth until the moment of death.

  10. I believe that I am a logical, rational person and I do believe in reincarnation. I have had memories from past lives. I view reincarnation much like our education system. You can go to school (here) or you can be ‘home schooled’ (the other side). You do not have to reincarnate if you do not want to, but I think you advance faster if you do.
    Say God does exist…would it be fair to give you one chance to ‘get it right’? Would a fair and just God put us in an imperfect world in order to perfect for him and only give us one shot at it? I don’t think so. It doesn’t make sense.
    I feel we come here to learn and experience. I don’t think that there is any negativity in heaven and we cannot know what good is without the bad. I think we learn and grow with every experience we have and there is too much to learn and experience in just 1 lifetime! I do not believe in hell as a place souls go after death. I think hell is a separation from God’s love. I know there are ‘bad’ people here and I think they recycle more than reincarnate, but they, too have a purpose…how would we learn about pain, sorrow, empathy and the like without experiencing it?
    I think that reincarnation is God’s way of being just and fair, by giving us as many times to ‘get it right’ as we need. I don’t think a human spirit can become anything other than a human, though. I don’t think we can become an animal, plant of any other thing in Gods creation.
    There is a lot more I could say on this subject, but then this would become a book!
    I hope you find your answer!

  11. From a scientific viewpoint: There is enough raw evidence for reincarnation to make hardcore skeptic of the paranormal Carl Sagan write this in his book “Demon-Haunted World” (p 300): “At the time of writing there are three claims in the ESP field which, in my opinion, deserve serious study: … (3) that young children sometimes report the details of a previous life, which upon checking turn out to be accurate and which they could not have known about in any way other than reincarnation. I pick these claims … as examples of contentions that might be true.”
    From a religious viewpoint: Reincarnation is truth and represents the Rosetta stone of Jesus’ ministry that makes sense of his teachings and of life itself. Unfortunately, as unbiased history reveals, this Rosetta stone got broken and buried by the corrupt early church in Rome who figured out that in order to wield absolute power over men’s souls, this particular “mystery” would have to be hidden from the public. The early church edited, rewrote and redefined Christianity to place itself as the mediator between “God” and mankind. Only a few fragments of that “Rosetta stone” remain but they are clearly there: e.g., WHO sinned, THIS MAN or his parents, that HE BE BORN BLIND?… TRULY, LITERALLY, YOU MUST BE BORN AGAIN. Jesus’ teachings on rebirth and karma are sprinkled throughout the NT for anyone who has eyes to see.
    History provides proof as well, although hardcore (hardheaded) fundamentalists try desperately to rewrite it. As the Dead Sea scrolls indicate, John the Baptist was a member of the Essene sect of Judaism; Essenes were one of many Jewish sects that accepted and taught reincarnation. Baptism was symbolic of reincarnation, of being dead and rising up in physical rebirth (water) to live again. To be baptized signified the acceptance of reincarnation and the promise of a new *physical* life.
    When John’s cousin Jesus was baptized, to Jews of his acquaintance it was symbolic of Jesus’ soul having returned in a new state of being.
    There is nothing in the bible that “disproves” reincarnation. The oft-quoted “It is appointed that men die once and face judgment” has no connection to rebirth. Of course a “man” dies once. An individual does not return as the same person he was. He does not come back as a corpse (although re-writers of the NT essentially presented Jesus as a zombie rather than a reborn being). The “judgment” faced at death is contemplation of your previous life — your karma. This is a fundamental Jewish concept, but Christians tend to ignore the fact that Jesus was Jewish, in particular an Essene Jew. Even the Pope, however, recently admitted that Jesus followed the Essene calendar, according to when he celebrated “the last supper’s” Passover.
    Essenes naturally followed the Essene calendar, and Essenes believed in reincarnation, baptism, and all the things Jesus taught.
    Other bible verses contradict the single, solitary “man dies but once” verse. Paul wrote, “I die daily.” There’s a reference in the NT to “the second death.” Clearly other bible verses disagree with the “once” remark, which is an indication that it has a limited meaning.
    This Isaiah verse that Christians slap on every question about reincarnation at YA refers to zombies, not to the return of the eternal soul in a new body — which is what Jesus believed in and attempted to teach. Apparently, as you see by other answers here, he failed. Fortunately, reincarnation requires no belief. You return whether you believe in reincarnation or not. Awareness of one’s eternal journey is not necessary in order to continue learning and perfecting the spirit.
    “Be ye therefore perfect even as your father in heaven is perfect,” Jesus instructed his followers. He didn’t say ‘hey, do your best,’ or ‘if you just believe I existed that’s enough…’ He said BE AS PERFECT AS GOD IS. Jesus indicated, according to the bible, that absolute perfection is within the reach of every human when he made the statement, YE ARE GODS.
    Anyone with a functioning mind should be able to comprehend that perfection and godliness cannot be attained in a single lifetime and that unbiased examination of historical fact is evidence that Jesus was a reincarnationist.

  12. ‘”False belief.”.think what is says,,start with the word ..belief ,belief ,is not knowing – if you do not know,,how can it be false or true ,
    YOU do know your name, you do not have the belief in another name .
    YOU just know your name …matter can neither be created or destroyed it can not vanish- in the universe there is nowhere to vanish to ,,so,what ever form or not- for you are there- you are ..
    If you would wanish to another place, what and where would it be ? Outside the universe ?
    If so ,then even the outside would just be another universe,so on an so ,,,on,rather ask ,where did you get all the images from , were where they encoutred troughot your life ,and then ask what is true for me ,you can not imagine something you have never seen,if you see a cow and then a dog ,your imagination can cereate a dog with horns ,,etc ,etc ,,
    You are product of others peoples beliefs, imprinted on you mid,like chalk writes on a board so ,others have writen on your mind ,think about it, before you start saying this is all just junk ,,otherwise walk away and live your qiuet normal life or tragical life ,you are the projector what ever film there is playing ,,are you the director ?
    Please forgive the typos ,I am tired in this time in the morning ,
    Love ,


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