reincarnation is real?

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i think reincarnation is real because i read this book by dr brian weisse (a hypnotist) that a mother and daughter had past life regression done without telling each other and they both knew each other in a past life and they both had the same past life experiences. and they didnt even tell each other and went to see different hypnnotists so if dr brian weisse is telling the truth which i think he is cos he used to be a skeptic then this definately proves reincarnations real or is there a logical explanation?
btw i believe in reincarnation always have done

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Im only half evil

I do, I read that book to, and many more.

Lilith D

I have always believed it is real. Well, as far back as I can remember anyway.


I’ve believed in reincarnation since I had a vision in childhood after my father died. I grew up as a Christian and was not taught about it. In adolescence I was shocked to learn that lots of people believed in it. I had assumed that it was just my revelation.

Happy Human

it’s very possible :
William was born with a birth defect, a serious heart condition in which the main pulmonary valve has not formed completely, keeping blood from flowing properly into the lungs. Aside from this he was an ordinary, healthy boy. When he was 3, he started spontaneously talking about the life of his grandfather. He related details he could never have known. For instance, William told his mother the names of the pets she used to have when she was young. Once, when his mother warned him she would spank him if he didn’t behave, he said, “Mom, when you were a little girl and I was your father, you did much worse things and I never hit you!” And William remembered details about the death of his grandfather, a policeman in New York who was shot six times during a robbery. The deadly bullet entered his body through his back where it cut open an artery… in his lungs.


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