Reincarnation? In your eyes, mind, heart … is it truth or non-truth?





Please respond as to whether you do or do not believe in reincarnation; and the why of your belief (support your stand).
Also, I did not post this question in Religion or Philosphy sections, as I wanted a broader range of people to respond than those who specifically browse those categories or have super-strong beliefs.
Thank you!


  1. everyone has had pass life’s, just a few can remember.i know you have done something or been some where and thought i have been there before or done that before. that was something sparked a memory of a passed life. or reincarnation,

  2. non-truth; based on the same principle that atheists use to deny the existence of God. what would be the purpose of coming back to amend your past wrongs, if there’s no place to go when you achieve perfection?

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