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Reincarnation – How does it work and what religions support this belief ?

It confuses me because if reincarnation really does exist, then where did all the extra souls come from? There were fewer people in the past to reincarnate into today’s giant population…


  1. christianity accepts it more and more now as I keep hearing from christians. they also show in the bible where it supports reincarnation

  2. Reincarnation or the transmigration of souls – the rebirth of the same spirits in new bodily forms in successive ages – is a false doctrine originating with the devil. (Teachings, pp. 104-105.) It runs counter to the whole system and plan of salvation whereunder spirits are born in pre-existence are permitted to pass through a mortal probation, and then in due course become immortal, incorruptible, and eternal in nature. It is appointed unto man once to be born, “once to die” (Heb. 9:27), once to be resurrected, and thereafter to “die no more.” (Alma 11:45; 12:18; D. & C. 63:49.)
    Heb 9:27
    27 And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment:
    Alma 11:45
    45 Now, behold, I have spoken unto you concerning the death of the mortal body, and also concerning the resurrection of the mortal body. I say unto you that this mortal body is raised to an immortal body, that is from death, even from the first death unto life, that they can die no more; their spirits uniting with their bodies, never to be divided; thus the whole becoming spiritual and immortal, that they can no more see corruption.
    D&C 63:49
    49 Yea, and blessed are the dead that die in the Lord, from henceforth, when the Lord shall come, and old things shall pass away, and all things become new, they shall rise from the dead and shall not die after, and shall receive an inheritance before the Lord, in the holy city.

  3. Reincarnation is a deception. You are correct in that every human being has a soul. Demonic spirits (since they have no physical body of their own) need a body through which to sin. When they are made welcome, they enter into a person and impersonate the living (sometimes thought of as, ghosts, or a deceased person brought back from the dead during a seance). Because they have throughout the ages (lived in many people and lived their lives with them), it causes the person who is presently the host, to believe that they themselves have lived those past lives also.

  4. There is more than one realm to factor in here
    God Realm (Buddha-hood)
    Demi-god Realm (Jealous God Realm)
    Human Realm (Earth)
    Animal Realm (Self-explanatory)
    Preta Realm (Hungry Ghost Realm)
    Hell Realms
    Beings can move from realm to realm, as everything is impermanent. When one dies in one of the other realms, they can go to the earth and vice-versa…so in a sense, when there are more beings on earth, there are less beings in the other realms…but considering how many animals are in the world – that’s an awful lot of beings to enter the human realm

  5. Just because we can reincarnate, that doesn’t mean that every soul that is here now has been here before. Sometimes when I am riding the bus, I am riding with people whom I have never seen before. Perhaps these people took other methods of transportation before, or perhaps they are new to the area. That doesn’t mean that they are ‘extra’ passengers.
    You have to keep in mind that Earth is not the only inhabitable planet, and not the only inhabitable sphere of reality. Where were YOU before you incarnated here? That’s where a lot of the ‘extra’ souls are.

  6. Reincarnation is why we are have a physical body.Otherwise we all are spirit souls or atmas.Due to Karma,we are repeatedly born and die,again and again.But we do not remember our past life.Only a few remember them vividly.The population of humans increase because cows are getting killed.In the animal world,cows are the last,birth form.After being born as a cow,when they die,they take human body.With western culture eating of beef predominant,therefore population of human beings also increase.Hope this helps.

  7. It seems like it does exist and Hinduism and Christianity do support it.
    I have heard and read stories of rebirth. A child after rebirth and by the time of attaining age six or seven, starts recalling past life and starts telling the location nad family members from past life. When current family members take the child to that so called old place, the child identified correctly his children and grand children and things he liked.
    Not everybody, I mean every soul recycles back to human life–that’s the belief. Lot of souls remain in the environment. Some people seem to have shown some power to talk to these hanging souls through some weird messages and signs.
    My best bet is don’t have to bother too much about after or past life. It’s just one life and then you and me would be gone—who knows where ?

  8. I believe Hindu culture embraces reincarnation. Christianity does not, according to scripture… we are either in Heaven or hell when our spirits leave our body…
    …and I know there are some Christians who may believe differently… this is my perception based upon what I have seen in the scriptures.

  9. Your question is a good one and gives the opportunity to also clarify to the true nature of reality.
    The non-physical personality is the rule of existence and not the exception. The physical dense realm of Earth is but one realm of existence as there are endless non-physical relams of existence.
    To answer “how” reincarnation works we have to look at reality from a step back to show what’s going on.
    Rule one: life is endless and ones choices are also endless. You may choose a physical life to have first hand expreince in the realm of cause and effect; this realm is the Earth realm your are in today. In this realm you may test droive all your ideas of truth(s). What I mean is you have been around into many realms and gathered many traits skils and ideas of further creation; you are now seeinbg if there is much truth to what you think is truth as this realm is the “hands on” realm. It floats here or sinks here.
    The number of souls that inhabit this Earth realm have no correlation to physical bodies. It appears you mention the numbers don’t mix with sould to body ratio. Take for instance, in 1624 AD there may have been 800 million people on Earth and today there are over 6 billion.
    So, where did all the extra souls come from?
    They encarnated from other realms. They waited for a body as they had to. In 1624 AD there were as many souls (Personalities) in other realms as today and not everyone came into this dense materiel realm as they could not have.
    Often Darwinist types and Fundementalist collide in the evolution idea as they fail to separate “Life” from Spritual and Physical.
    The personalities have always been around evolving at the Spritual levels; they all started out as raw-consciousness learning Identity of self, and awarness and ever evolving today.
    Many “religions” support this such as Hindu, Krishna, Buhda and even Christianity, yet, the Orthodox views abolish this idea.
    Look outside of Religions to learn the true nature of reality as religions are Instituions with a fast held Ideology gridlocked in a faith going nowhere. Oh, Jesus is real make no mistake. The true Jesus lived many lives as Krishna, Buhda, Mirtha, and of course the Christ as the personality Jesus in the Christian Earth-drama of truth commonly called “the Bible”

  10. Buddhism and Hinduism Buddhism being rooted in the Hindu religion. Reincarnation is based on the premise that all living things have a soul. Thus the Hindu practice of not killing any living thing. Which is impractical at best, and not observed by all Hindus. Souls evolve into higher beings by good deeds and achieving higher planes of conciseness. Finlay reaching oneness with god or nirvana.
    How does the Dung Beetle reach a higher level of conciseness?
    Reincarnation is not accepted by Bible believing Christians nor was it ever endorsed by the Christian Church.


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