Home Discussion Forum Reincarnation ?, did you learn any lessons from your past lives?

Reincarnation ?, did you learn any lessons from your past lives?

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  1. So far, I think I have. Christianity seems to be reprehensible to me. So i think that I may have been one in a past life that had a bad experience. I was put back on this planet to find the right path for me. I think that I have.

  2. Any apprehensions/fears/avoidance associated with things or events in the present are generally subconscious remembrance of events of the past and those past repercussions. In that way, we have learned from past lives even though we may not have conscious memories of them.

  3. I’m not sure if I believe in reincarnation, but if it’s real, I think this life is probably my first. I’ve never had one of those odd experiences where I have been to a place for the first time and felt like I had already been there, or met someone for the first time and felt like I already knew him or her. However, I have met people for the first time and had an odd sense that I was meeting them for a reason.

  4. It is apointed for man to die once.
    So? I personally believe there are exceptions.
    I am coming to the understanding that during the Millennium Reign of Christ that those children born at this time may very well be the aborted or miscarried children. Because when miscarried or aborted, they never get a chance to choose according to ‘free will’.
    And a while back, Kim Clement got a prophetic word that Jesus said that He is going to send back some of those aborted that were to be born and satan will not be able to destroy them.
    I do think that some of these are born today. Countless children have died in the womb.
    And maybe even the children who went to heaven early.
    Familiar spirits are really the ones who bring supposedly ‘past lives’ recollections. So this is a deception of the devil.
    JVI wrote:
    All persons who enter the Millennium are redeemed people (Isaiah 60:21 and Joel 2:28). However, one must remember that procreation still takes place during this era of time because those who survived the Tribulation hour enter the Millennium with human bodies. The believers upon the thrones possess resurrected bodies and do not bear children, but the others do. Consequently, the children born during this one-thousand-year period are born with the old Adamic, or sin, nature which has been an inherent part of man ever since the fall of Adam and Eve. Many of them, of course, accept Christ as their personal Saviour, but many do not! In addition, since Satan is bound, there is little to tempt them. They simply do not face the problems and trials which have confronted mankind in past ages. Satan’s release, then, is to determine whether or not Christ is real to these children of the Millennium, or whether they have been submissive simply because He ruled with a rod of iron.

  5. absolutely, and I’m still learning–
    “True communication is communion”•the realization of oneness, which is love.” Eckhart Tolle


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