Reincarnation: are our future lives already fixed and ready?

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If you believe in Reincarnation, do you think that your next life has already been planned, based upon the mistakes and weaknesses of your present life?
Could the Lord already be writing the Next Chapter, fashioning a life where you will get the things you wanted so badly, face the fears you were unable to face, and overcome the mistakes you made in dealing with your fellow man?
I already know that Christianity doesn’t teach Reincarnation, so of course to answer this you have to be able to entertain the possibility that it could be true.
Could the next life be fashioned even as you are living this one?

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who cares


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i do not and will never believe in reincarnation!!!


read many lives many masters and u will…:)

Joueur de Volley II

Written in the book of wisdom and dreams


I don’t believe in reincarnation.
Sounds suspiciously like Magic.
Or Wishful Thinking.


No “lord”. No second chance fer you.


Of course they are if thats what you belive!


nothing is better than the next life which is jannah. learn about islam and you will understand it all


Who knows? I don’t believe in any one thing, because nobody knows for sure. We’ll all find out when we’re dead, anyway.


If reincarnation is true, then we are writing it as we make our choices from day to day.
I believe our souls are a piece of our creator, that no one religion is right or wrong, those of us that learn and grow, rejoin our creator (heaven) and those that are found lacking are either cast out or recycled back to try again (hell)


Reincarnation, god, heaven, hell, all are fairytales; period end of controversy.


Not according to Buddhism. Once you die, depending on how your life was, you can be reincarnated into any living thing.


No one knows this Answer why are you even Asking!!! NO ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! K is there some Reincarnation fairy tale club you want to join? NO ONE KNOWS the future STOP thinking about it and just live a good life! and when you die you will know! k Star from CT.


lolz….:) i agree

Hawaii sponger

No, its not planned out.
That would mean there is this other entity or system thats in place that selects all of your decisions etc for you… I dont see that as being possible.
Ones current strengths and weaknesses can have an effect on “how they are” next time around and thereafter.
A person creates their own restraints and moulds their own self – its done by themself (not some other “God”)

Ambassador From Hell

Your question may as easily have been, “Is there free will?” I personally do not know, but I have a hero who I think was a genius and he had a definite opinion. Benedict Spinoza was a philosopher, and author who wrote about God and its properties. According to Spinoza free will is an illusion. If that is the case — then everything we say and do and will experience in the future may as well be predetermined, “fixed and ready,” as you put it. The universe is like a humongous billiard table with trillions upon trillions of billiard balls. One ball strikes another, which strikes another, which affects every other billiard ball on the table. Cause and effect, and nothing more than physical collisions between material bodies explains all of reality.


Beautifully put!
As you overcome certain things in this lifetime you won’t have to face them in the next, and I do believe that eventually we each get our own heart’s desire. And, each lesson is fashioned after our own individual spiritual progress — just as a teacher wouldn’t give an eighth-grade lesson to a second-grader, the lessons get more and more refined and on a higher plane than the previous ones. And I think we also gather friends and loved ones along the way, keeping each other company in this journey from life to life, and beyond that.


As another says, your Soul is a Spark of the Divine, of God, and thus YOUR Soul is in charge of your human journeys, for they are many..Some believe that, as time exists differently beyond 3D, aspects of us are living out our other lives simultaneously..
God is not separate to Creation or to us, for God is Divine Spiritual Consciousness, of which all sentient Beings, including us, are part..We are ALL Sons and Daughter of God, as Jesus originally taught before Rome removed that teaching and altered many others when it took over the Christian church in 325AD..Many things have been hidden from us, but we are now entering a period when ALL the truths will again be revealed, especially what has really been going on in the corridors of power here on Earth..
An evolved Soul will return to the world of Spirit after death of the physical and will usually then rest, relax, meet up with loved ones and contemplate what it has learned in their most recent life before deciding, along with the other members of our greater spiritual group and with angelic advice, the outline of our next journey on Earth
BUT, as we are moving towards 2012, EVERYTHING is changing, including our level of consciousness which is ascending from 3D to 5D, which is why TIME is now seeming to fly by ever faster!..So this is the last *normal* life in 3D we will be experiencing on Earth..
WHY arent we being told about this by religions and those in the secret government who know?..The next three years will entail dramatic and positive changes to every aspects of our lives on Earth..


Only to some degree. We made decisions from as early as two years old that effect us today, so I don’t see why we could not do it for our next life also. As a matter of fact, we are doing some things today that we set up in past lives. Sometimes these decisions are made so quickly that we aren’t always aware of making them. You could of had a bad experience with a blond haired lover and decided, you will never date a blond again. A couple of years later you meet a blond haired person and don’t trust him or her for some reason and you cannot figure out why…

Christian M

Yes and no as we are still creating and modifying what experiences we will need to continue our awakening. The most important aspect of our Being is that at any moment in apparent time, our awakening is imminent depending entirely upon our clinging to what is not Real. Time, mortal memory, space, ego/mind, separation from Spirit, all these things are only apparent. Only what is unseen has substance and can be known as Real. What we experience through the senses is only the apparent which hints at the real and gives us the opportunity to expand our awareness. In a sense it is a game of hide and seek played for the fun of it. But it is no fun at all if we become lost in it or in other words, worldly in our ways and attachments. These are the things that our spiritual teachers teach when they have overcome the world.
As Jesus said, “When you have overcome the world, even as I have overcome, then I will no longer send you out.”
Do you remember what Jesus said to his disciples when they asked, “Why was this man born blind? Was it because of the sins of his father or his own sins?” How could they ask of his own sins if he was born that way? And what of the question about John asked of Jesus? “It is said that the Messiah would come after the return of Elijah.” And Jesus answered, “Elijah has returned” and they knew he spake of John the Baptist.
But that is neither here nor there as it is not required that we know the nature of Reality or the dynamics of Creation in order to be saved. But we must do what is asked of us. Namaste’


I believe in reincarnation and i think most of the people who believe in reincarnation tend to do good karma because they know their karma decides their next life.

Thimmappa M.S.

There is a Law/Order – Lord established – that governs all creation and our following it determines our birth – past, present and future. If we recognize it and adhere to the core and whole of it – an ideal state – no birth and death any more, the purpose of life fulfilled and we merge in Him. If we do not, the extent of deviation determines what kind of future life would be our lot. it is all determined by His Law and its adherence, He is not involved in direct way in our future birth, we ourselves make it by adhering or not adhering His Order.

The Living Anne

In a sense, yes, your next life on Earth is being fashioned according to how you are living this one, but you have to remember that the core dynamic in reincarnation is free will. Life continues because we want to experience and to learn and evolve spiritually, to become enlightened to every aspect of earthly life. And the only way we can possibly become enlightened is through the exercise of free will. Each person has a great deal of control over his individual lives, but his control is often interrupted and thwarted by the exercise of free will of those around him. That’s part of living and learning too, the realization that we are all connected to each other, and what one of us does can affect many others.
You can’t consciously plan your next life to any great extent while living this one, because while you’re in a physical body you are limited by a physical brain which suffers from extreme amnesia and very limited capability to reason and think. Even the most brilliant among us are essentially stupid compared to the spirit unfettered by physical restraints. When you pass into the noncorporeal realm, you can see eternity in all directions, you can remember and experience every event of your past life simultaneously, and clearly, vividly, comprehend the mistakes you made, the successes you achieved. Only in that state of being can you fully understand the experiences you want or need to continue your journey toward earthly completion (or “Christ consciousness” some call it). Here in the “Gehenna” between lives, you examine your personal history and determine the challenges you want to face in the life ahead, the goals you set for yourself, etc. You also set up a blueprint that gives you a foundation for the next life: your general background, gender, parents and friends.
As you probably know the original Christianity as taught by Jesus and his brother James did include reincarnation. It’s the revised paganized version of 4th century pagan Roman emperors that edited and retranslated Jesus’ teachings into something more attuned with pagan mythologies.


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