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Reincarnation and King James I?

Okay well I’ve had three past life regressions, each one said I was King James I in my past life. How do I go about getting my memories back?
Here is just some reasons why i think I was him
1. My names is James last intital R. Just like king James when he signed documents as James R.
2. my mother name is Mary just like Mary queen of scotts.
3. my mother and I both look like the portraits of the Stuart monarchies
4. I am currently living in the colony chartered by king James in 1606 in north Carolina in the queen city (Charlotte)
5. Ive had two people acuse me of writting the bible. One was my friend who was drunk the other was another friend who i was was possoed by a demon
6. I don’t feel attracted to women as much I would like, sort of like king James. I never had sex with a guy in this lifetime, but they say I was a Tibetan monk before i was king James and in that lifetime i was gay (supposedly homosexuality runs rampant in those monasteries and is considered normal.)
7. I feel closely attached to saint Germain who was rumored to be Francis bacon.
8. About three or 4 people have said i was the king including a reiki master, a psychic, and a hypnotherapist.
Anyway I don’t know if this is true but just looking for answers that’s all.
James R.
Ahhh yes I wasn’t sure what kind of response I would get. Rather i was unsure what kind of response i wanted. They say King James was a tyrant yet i don’t see me as such. One person has said our past is no longer important because only the now moment can be changed!
The friend who was drinking also has the ability to channel spirits, forgot to say that. The other friend who was demon possessed lives in Des Monies, IA.
I don’t know any others claiming to be the reincarnated Mary Stuart. I haven’t told my mom about this but she certainly looks like her in the paintings, she dyes her hair red.
BTW I am not so savvy with money, kinda like King James. Forgot to say the neighborhood I live in is the Elizabeth neighborhood, weird huh.
I’ve read some of Edgar Cayces books on reincarnation. I’ll be sure to check out the other recommendations.
Yeah I got weird friends and beliefs, not on LSD, just looking for answers. Thanks everyone for your open minds! BTW there is no wrong answer here.


  1. Why do you want your memories back? This life is THIS LIFE and it is different for a reason, don’t move backwards, move forward and take this life and make it just as important and just as meaningful.

  2. It’s very odd that people who have past-life regression always believe they were kings and queens (or, in James’ case, a king and a right old queen), never scrofulous peasants, or syphilitic prostitutes, or lecherous ale-wives, or miserable monks (gay Tibetan monks clearly excepted). Presumably the ratio of ale-wives to monarchs was quite high at all periods of Western history, so one would expect to see this reflected in reincarnations. There used to be quite a lot of people swanning about claiming to be Mary Stuart, so perhaps you could find one of them to latch on to.
    Incidentally, James I didn’t “write” the Bible, he merely commissioned it (without paying a penny for it, mean old Scot that he was – are you careful with money, perchance?). Your friends sound like a lot of fun. Is there a lot of demon possession going around in Charlotte?

  3. James, you definitely need to read the following books (and, maybe, contact the authors):
    Many Lives, Many Masters – Dr. Brian L. Weiss
    One Soul, Many Bodies – Dr. Brian L. Weiss
    Journey of Souls – Dr. Michael Newton
    Destiny of Souls – Dr. Michael Newton
    After reading one or more of these books I’m sure you’ll have the answer you so want.

  4. Looking for answers, huh?
    “Is it because there is no God in Israel that you are going to inquire of Baal-zebub, the god of Ekron?”
    You were known by God before you were born, and after dying one time it is appointed for you to face judgement. The lies of false gods and other religions have no part of the truth in them. Why do you consort with Satan’s crew if you’re actually interested in something?
    Though you might live in a country that used to be largely Christian, and you’ve read the three words on the cover of a Bible, that doesn’t mean you know anything about God.
    You had no past life. Period. God says so. I don’t care how many demons, liars, fools, and pawns of Hell tell you otherwise.
    God likewise sets before you life and death. Choose life.


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