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Reiki: how much would you pay for a Reiki session?

I’m hoping to start my own practice next year and wondered about how much to charge for a reiki session. any advice please?

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  1. I am a level three Seichim-Reiki master….I do not charge for my services, the gift to me is free, I simply pass it along. Ordinarily, I allow for donation, but I demand nothing. You may want to attach yourself to a holistic organization of some sort, hanging out your shingle alone is a difficult way to go.

  2. You can choose to charge, not charge or barter as you see fit or are directed to by your guides or intuition. In general, many Reiki Practitioners charge about the same for a full Reiki treatment as a 1 hour massage in your area. You can always start at a lower price and then move up as you need to (to cover rent, etc.).
    Best of Luck to you! Reiki has been a wonderful career path for me and my family. The website below has some great information as well.

  3. I am too dang cheap to actually pay for a session but I do trade sessions with my Reiki practitioner. We trade one for one. I am a massage therapist, and I charge $50.00 per body for my services.

  4. A lot of the practitioners I know have a price they ask for (usually around $50 a session), but it’s really more of a suggestion. Usually they allow people to pay what they can afford to pay. You will decide whatever is best for you in the long run, but remember, some people who really need your services will not be able to afford it. That doesn’t mean they are not deserving of your services though.. On the other hand, you gotta eat. 😉

  5. It seems to be around the £30-£35 region. Personally i think it should be free, it is just using an energy that is free to us all.
    If you are wanting to make a living out of it then you need to cover your costs – electric, room rental and hourly wage, accountant fees etc then you are going to have to do some sums and work out the minimum.

  6. You can charge whatever you wish. In our area, most Reiki sessions are comparable to a 1 hour massage in price. I do not charge for the Reiki energy. The charge is for my time. I also do trades and offer a lower price if so guided in certain circumstances.
    Good luck with your upcoming practice. Also check with your state laws as some states do not allow Reiki practitioners to actually touch the client unless the Reiki practitioner is also licensed in a medical or therapy field or is a licensed minister.


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