Reiki Healing and Crystal Healings and their effectiveness?






  1. None at all.
    Any perceived benefits are via placebo, regression to the mean or exist in the mind (and wallet) of those performing it.
    Any talk of ‘energy’ is total nonsense; to think that we can isolate individual atoms, detect the composition of a planet’s atmosphere billions of miles away YET CANNOT detect an ‘energy’ that that someone claims they can move around using their hands or a piece of rock is patently ridiculous!
    Edit: “Clinical Trials Show Efficacy of Reiki” lmao! Check this bit:
    “Three acupuncture points on the hands of each of the participants were measured for skin electrical resistance. Significantly, after only three sessions, the spleen measurements went from 7.8 percent below normal to normal.”
    Someone thinks your spleen can be tested by measuring the electrical resistance of the skin on your wrist??? Oh give me strength….they then think this is a “clinical trial” !!!
    Alties: They’re so useless that even if alternative medicine showed a flicker of hope, it would be buried under a pile of their own ineptness…..

  2. Good question Roger. Both Reiki and Crystal healing have no theoretical or biophysical basis and there is not one shred of valid evidence to support their claimed effects.
    If you ask the proponents how they work, you only ever get embarrassingly stupid pseudoscience or appeals to ignorance (eg; “we don’t know but there are many things we don’t know about the universe”).
    I think Reiki is really just a method for ‘masters’ to make huge amounts of money by teaching and selling books. Ditto; crystals are sold with weaselly worded health claims at huge profit together with a plethora of new age books on the subject. The ‘worried well’ lap them up.
    Go ahead and ask the proponents the hard questions – a plausible mechanism of action, why do they misuse the term ‘energy’, what is the evidence of efficacy – you will not get a satisfactory answer.
    The weight of evidence is that Reiki and Crystal Therapy are completely consistent with placebo, ie – they don’t work.
    EDIT: RedAngel, I said VALID evidence. This does not include tiny, very poorly designed trials published in biased, non-scientific journals.
    As a 2008 systematic review of randomised clinical trials concluded:
    “Most trials suffered from methodological flaws such as small sample size, inadequate study design and poor reporting…
    …In conclusion, the evidence is insufficient to suggest that reiki is an effective treatment for any condition. Therefore the value of reiki remains unproven.”
    EDIT: RedAngel, Mylotarg has nothing to do with Reiki and neither does that argument provide evidence for the efficacy of Reiki.
    Furthermore, it was a clinical trial that confirmed the dangers of Mylotarg and caused its withdrawal. So yes that is a clinical standard to strive for.
    EDIT: Michelle, so you think asking for evidence is closed minded? How do you figure that? To me that is by definition open minded. Continuing to believe in something even though there is not one shred of evidence to support it, and plenty of evidence that says it doesn’t work, is the definition of closed minded.
    Why should anyone believe in Reiki based on your personal anecdote? You are clearly biased.

  3. Great answers from Gary and dave. Reiki masters and crystal healing nuts will never be able to answer your questions about effectiveness and how it works.

  4. to day people search for money making therefore some people earn money by reiki and crystal healing. but these are ancient treatment discover by our people. these are working on our body. but slowly working. i suggest all the people learn these treatment to live healthy.

  5. Clinical Trials Show Efficacy of Reiki:
    Edit: as apposed to those “scientific” drug trials you mean lol well lets see – mylotarg – clinical trial conducted by Pfizer, approved by the FDA, on the market for 10 years – verdict: found to kill patients 5x more than no treatment and 100% ineffective – withdrawn from the market….if that is the clinical standard to strive towards, i think i’ll go with the studies that don’t want profit over patient safety.

  6. Highly effective.
    if you understand the meaning of disease.
    If you even don’t understand this, it’s time for awakening.
    Not much more to say. If your time for awakening has come, you will meet the right people and circumstances.
    Apart from their effectiveness, is the question of need.
    Good luck

  7. I am not familiar enough with crystal healing to answer about that but Reiki is very effective and there are actually clinical studies that have proven Reiki effective in certain conditions. Many nurses are taking Reiki as t counts as continuing education in many nursing programs and many hospitals throughout the world offer Reiki.
    I have found Reiki to be personally effective in curing a life threatening condition that I had received medical treatment for from a variety of specialists for 7 years. The best that the medical doctors were able to offer me is that there was no cure for my condition and that I would have to live the rest of my life highly medicated with drugs that severely reduced my quality of life.
    After 6 months of weekly Reiki treatment, I no longer have a life threatening condition. As a Reiki Master Teacher I have used Reiki successfully for back pain, headaches, insomnia, speeding recovery after surgery and broken bones that have been properly set by a doctor, menstrual cramps and irregularity, cancer to ease the side effects of the chemotherapy, comfort care for terminal patients, knee pain, back pain, asthma, acne, cystic ovaries, uterine fibroids, high blood pressure and much more.
    I never suggest that a person forego medical care for a medical problem, medical care often helps mask the symptoms of disease or slow the progress if a disease but does not restore the body to health. Reiki can restore health and it often works in a slow and subtle way, medicine can buy the patient time for the Reiki to work. Reiki can ease the side effects of the medicines and help support the immune system to help healing go faster. There is a place for both.
    The skeptics do not know what they are talking about, they also extremists who think only in black or white and seek to deny others the opportunity to explore options that may help them. If any of them ever get seriously ill, I wonder if they will continue to be so closed minded.

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