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Reiki attunment side effects?

A friend of mine has been recently attuned to kundalini reiki and has had some terrible breathing and bowel side effects..
Is this common?
do you know of anyone else with similar, and how did it work out?
I remember a lady a few years back admitting herself to hospital.. what do you know about this?

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  1. I have never heard of anyone having those side effects with a Reiki attunement. Sometimes the body has to readjust and get rid of the bad toxins before it benefits but the effects are normally mild.

  2. Correlation does not necessarily mean causation, and its doubtful that Reiki would be causing these problems – because Reiki doesn’t work. There is no evidence for the totally implausible healing energy, and Reiki has never been shown in quality scientific clinical trials to have an effect beyond placebo.
    Unless the problem is a “nocebo” effect (adverse placebo effect):

  3. amongst the naysayers I believe Reiki to work. Kundalini reiki is of a much higher frequency than regular Tibetan Usui Reiki is. Are the bowels cleaning themselves out? If so this is natural I would think because the body is washing out toxins.
    Ive never heard of the breathing though.
    I’m a Reiki Master and never had anything like the breathing affects happen before.
    Your friend needs to drink a lot of water and relax. And believe in what you want to believe in. I for one have had great sucess with Reiki and find it a great personal empowering tool.

  4. It is impossible for reiki to have those effects.
    Breathing problems should be dealt with by a doctor and QUICKLY, it could be an indication of something far serious.

  5. Reiki is bogus and there’s no possible way that anything a “master” does could have any effect on your body. If a person has symptoms as difficulty breathing they need to see a real doctor, and fast. Respiratory problems can often be very serious.


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