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Reiki… a couple questions?

About a month from now, I will be going in for my first attunement and class in Reiki. I decided to have waited a few months so that I could know patience and also learn what I can before attunement. While I have heard pretty much all good things about Reiki, just last night I uncovered an interesting article that dates back about a year ago. It stated that because some people are “allergic” to certain sanskrit symbols used in Reiki, that it might actually do more harm to them than good, and even such things might affect the person healing as well (such as a cross to a jew). Now, my base philosophy is this, if you don’t believe in a symbol, it won’t have power. I also understand that not everyone thinks this way, so outlined below are a couple questions for those who know Reiki more than I:
First, what is your opinion?
Second, what takes place during attunement? Im kind of worried for my own energetic body now hehe. Is Reiki channeling an addition or a modification?


  1. The symbols that are learned during the attunement are not necessary to do Reiki. In fact, Dr Usui only used the symbols as a form of focus. As the practitioner becomes comfortable and confident in their practice, the necessity for the symbols will fall away. If it is true that some people have allergic responses to the symbols the practitioner would definitely feel this reaction in the person and know not to use the symbol. Along with the symbols you will learn the name of the symbol which can be used as a mantra. The names are Japanese so if the person is allergic to the Sanskrit symbol then perhaps the name will be less of an issue.
    However, I must say that I find it highly unlikely that the reaction is actually an allergic one. More likely, there is a block and approaching that area of the body’s healing should be taken with more compassion and gentleness.
    During your attunement you will learn the history of Reiki and how it has been passed down and evolved. You will learn about different schools of Reiki as well. If you are being attuned to the first level, you will learn how to hold your hands during a healing practice and how to do Reiki upon yourself. You will also know how to sense the Reiki energy as it flows through your body. During the actual attunement you will sit or lie down with your eyes closed as the Reiki Master attunes you to be open to the Reiki energy. If you are being attuned to the second level then you will receive three symbols for Reiki which will empower you to do Reiki on other people.
    I have read several books on Reiki and by far the best one is: The Japanese Art of Reiki: A Practical Guide to Self-Healing by Bronwen Stiene and Frans Stiene
    In this book you will learn how to meditate and perform Reiki on yourself, how to sense Reiki, etc. I have read at least five books on the subject along with the manual that you will be given during your attunement. If I had no other books on Reiki but this one and the manual, that is all I would need.
    See the link below for articles on Reiki including some on attunements, the symbols, etc.

  2. I’ve never heard of an allergic reaction to symbols. I’ve been teaching Reiki for 15 years and no one has had an allergic reaction. The only possibility I can think of is an allergic reaction to past life experiences which might include sanscript symbols. But in this case Reiki symbols aren’t derived from sanscript. Until you actually receive the attunement, you won’t know what will happen. Take some advice, Stop studying and just do it. When the energy is channels you will feel it in the palms of your hands. The more attunements you receive the stronger the energy. There are some people who channel the energy without the attunements. These are people who have always been healers. This is energy that comes from a healing place. It will never hurt you.


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