Regular yoga doers, if you had to recommend a yoga video, which would it be?

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I live in a very small town. A yoga instructor is not available to me. What do you consider the best yoga video? Thank you.

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Nikki Fabulous

Hi Italy Lover,
If you want a yoga DVD that does it all, I highly recommend Yogalosophy by Mandy Ingber. I’ve been following Mandy for years and have even taken a few of her classes (spinning and yoga) on my visits to LA and she is awesome!
Her Yoga is not your average that focuses only on poses, but she incorporates toning into the poses to give a serious workout to those muscles making them long, lean and strong.
The DVD can be found on her website (
That’s my recommendation :o)


I do some yoga with extreme yoga in YogaX (p90x) and love it. One of my favorite forms of exercise.
In the source box below is a top 10 Yoga DVD list, I would read through that for more information than a single answer could possibly give.

Dances with Buddha

I won’t pick any single one video as best, but one I often recommend is Shiva Rea’s “Yoga Shakti”
The style is “Vinyasa flow.” It contains two discs.
There are four “pre-set” practice sessions:
1) “Basic” (30 mins)
2) “Solar flow I” (90 mins)
3) “Solar flow II” (90 mins)
4) “Lunar flow” (45 mins)
– In addition, it has a “matrix” feature which allows you to select shorter segments and “program” them to play in sequence, allowing you to somewhat customize your own practice sequence.
– It covers beginning to intermediate backbends.
– It is one of the few yoga dvd’s I’ve seen that covers a bit of pranayama plus meditation.
– There are a couple special features (interviews, a short feature on a festival in India)


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