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Regaining consciousness after anesthesia: is it typical to say senseless things to your doctor or nurse?

I hear this a lot. I’m afraid of saying something really stupid to my doctor, then having no recollection of it. Which I guess renders it a moot point, but nonetheless…
Will I make an ignorant @ss out of myself?


  1. Yeah, but they hear it all the time. When I came to after having my wisdom teeth out I told the doctor to put me back to sleep and take the rest of them out because I wasn’t coming back. My girlfriend told me this, I don’t remember, or have any idea what I meant.

  2. The doctor will probably not be there when you come out of anesthetic. You will probably say something that you would say if you were really drunk but the nurses have heard it all before.

  3. health care professionals KNOW you are not in your RIGHT MIND when you’re under anesthesia.
    Most of them find it AMUSING. Nobody takes offence.
    I’d say… worry more about the success of the procedure.

  4. Its natural for the subconcious brain to say something incoherent while it is coming to normal stage and one can do nothing about it. Anyway the doctors are so mechanical to these sort of things and they never put an ear to these talk.

  5. You might feel spacey. You might not know what day or time it is, but doctors are used to it. I have not heard of anyone saying anything really strange, but if you did, they would hardly remember because they are focused on other things.

  6. I did… when I came out of it! After my first spine surgery I woke up in the recovery room and everything was all blury. Well I shouted I can’t FEEL MY LEGS!!! So the doctor and nurse jumps up and checks and I started moving my leg and I said OH never mine I can feel them! It was weird.

  7. No you will not.
    I’m sure that doctors and nurses have seen and heard just about everything, so I wouldn’t let it worry you.
    Relax. You’ll be fine.

  8. It’s normal. My mom has had a few surgeries, and I remember her saying a lot of nonsense stuff..i guess it’s just a side affect of the medicine that they give you. I wouldn’t spend too much time worrying about it..I gaurantee you that the doctors and nurses are used to it.

  9. You won’t seem like an ass. You might say something silly or whatever, but you won’t say anything that is personal or embarrassing in that way. I have been under anesthesia six times and only once did I say anything coming out of it — I asked the nurse if we could go for margaritas!

  10. Not usually. But the first time I went under ever, I woke up, saw the time that had passed and said the ‘F’ word. The male nurse attending me said in a very feminine voice…’Sorry we do not take that sort of language in here’.
    I think he could of been nicer.
    Most nurses are cool with it and understand. I just got unlucky.
    Don’t worry, you will be alright 🙂

  11. There’s a possibility.
    I work in healthcare, and so my patients family and friends tell me all kinds of fun stories.
    A lady and I have the same foot doctor (she had a crooked toe, I’ve got a broken ankle…).
    She came in one day and told me that when she woke up, she cursed the doctor up one side and down the other for not being there when she went under, to perform her surgery… because she doesn’t remember him being there.
    I threatened my anesthesiologist… I swore I’d haunt him if he killed me. I don’t remember that.

  12. You will come to in the recovery room. I just had surgery last week & I’m sure I would never say anything really personal that would be embarrassing.
    I was just very thirsty & asked for ginger ale after I got some extra pain meds into my IV.
    You will not make “anything” out of yourself.
    Good luck on your surgery, I’ll be thinking of you:-)

  13. Highly unlikely. People wake up differently. Some laugh, some cry, some swear, but most people just wake up.
    I’ve seen many thousands of people waking up. Very few say or do anything stupid.

  14. Don’t worry about it cause they probably get it all the time. My husband didn’t remember his mom or dad but he immediately recognized me.

  15. When I was 10 years old I had a small procedure done on my bladder and I was put under. I could have sworn the doctor and two nurses were pointing at my face and laughing histerically at me. That of course didnt happen. When I was in my thirties, I was put under for gall bladder removal along with another procedure which kept me in the hospital. I could swear that in recovery my eyes opened and everything was stark white, I thought I saw a nurse and my right arm with her injecting something, all happening inside a white cloud. I was yelling sternly over & over at the top of my lungs, “more morphine, MORE morphine”! I could of sworn the nurse said “I just gave you morphine! Another yell from me..”MORE morphine”! Again I swear the nurse said “I’ll be so glad when you get to your room”! After I got to my room a recovery nurse checked on me. I described the nurse in detail, said I didnt appreciate her yelling at me, that I was the one who had the surgery and that I wanted her reported immediately. She told me she knew who I was talking about. I said, “report her right now”! So there ya go. You never know the nonsense your gona spew. Was any of it real? I sure thought it was lol.


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