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Red Tantra: Fast track to enlightenment or highway to hell?

It has been described as a rocket ship as compared to the horse and buggy of sitting meditation.
For man to worship woman goes against what he has been taught but to enter that place there is no other way. So few will enter and yet all must to know the Goddess.


  1. That depends on the way of your heart: Follow the service to self path, and that may lead to enlightenment, follow the service to self path, and it’s the opposite.
    Or just follow the tried and true way: submit fully to God and renounce the world. I was enlightened through God’s grace spontaneously 18 hours after I was saved in Jesus Christ.

  2. It takes 2 to tango–although I know onerism is part of the discipline.. In my experience with men who thought themselves Tantrikas–all they knew were a few mechanical tricks and there was no soul except for my own–which ultimately becomes a big energy drain. Most ordinary men in my rather uncanny experience just pop their fuses (yes prematurely) before they even manage to enter the holy of holies. That’s been my history–for the past 20 years or so. Thus, Red Tantrika (and anything in the way of intimacy for that matter) has been a nice idea in the realm of ideas but maybe that’s too much information.
    There are many ways to achieve catharsis of consciousness and spaciousness and they are all just method and sometimes just wheel spinning and compulsive seeking behavior. The efficacy of any method depends solely on the spiritual and psychological constitution of the practitioner and not on any other influence.

  3. Well, having spent a few weeks with a …. OK, without going into great detail… If you have the right partneer, then pick up a DVD or VHS copy of another aid as well, “Acupressure For Lovers”. http://www.jsmbooks.com/acupressureVHS.htm
    This is what I have on Red Tantra
    ~The word ‘tantra’ refers to ancient Hindu and Tibetan manuscripts that instruct how to activate and harness the explosive power of sexual energy. Embodying the creative principle, this energy is seen as sacred. A tantrika, the practitioner, directs this precious resource through their own body or the body of a partner for pleasure, healing and meditative awakening.
    Tantra teaches that sexual union or self-loving can be a catalyst to states of increased awareness, allowing us to create our lives consciously. Some meanings of the Sanskrit word are to expand, to weave, to manifest and to liberate. Bringing presence to our intimate experiences, prolonging them and extending the ecstasy of orgasm, we learn an expansion of being. We develop our sexual skill, and weave into our lives love, health, wisdom and abundance. The practice of tantra unites energies in balance and mends the schism between the sexual and the spiritual.
    Redtantra is a system Devi has developed combining knowledge of the Western psychological framework with her many years of Eastern esoteric study. Red represents qualities both female and male; long associated with the blood of a life giver, it also symbolizes the traditionally masculine transformational fire generated in yogic practices. The color red evokes sexual passion, but also the emotion of love. According to the model of subtle-energy, the heart center is said to span the upper and lower chakra triangles, uniting ‘heaven’ and ‘earth’ within the body.
    An ultimate goal of Tantra is to manifest both the divine feminine and the sacred masculine within one’s being. In her sessions Devi personifies the archetypal aspects most beneficial to each person, incarnating their union to bring its harmony to the individual.~

  4. I seriosly doubt a Westerner can do it. An entirely different frame of reference. So, I would say: a highway to probably more mess than before. But one can always hope 😉

  5. Silly coyote and your trick questions… there is no quick or slow way to enlightenment, as enlightenment has never been lost.
    All these methods of “obtaining enlightenment” (etc etc), to me, are just methods of surfing the many different waves within the sea of consciousness. “Different strokes for different folks!”
    But, although we can be on different waves, we are still part of the entire ocean… and that ocean is enlightenment itself.
    Do I get a cookie now? =P

  6. Red Tara: An Open Door to Bliss and Ultimate Awareness.
    We acknowledge and reverently bow before Tara as one who has attained enlightenment, who maifests infinite, all-pervasive, absolute awareness and who reveals to us our own Buddha nature, no different from her own…………….
    We need to understand that Tara, as the ultimate nature of mind, enlightened awareness, is the same as all deities.When we take refuge in her, we take refuge in all deities, in all lineage lamas and in all aspects of enlightenement.


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