Recommended books about developing Psychic/Mediumship abilities?

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It’s a dream for me to become a medium/psychic. I want to learn how to develop my psychic/mediumship abilities (from the basics), meditating, and all of those spiritualist type stuff. So is there any books you recommend me buying?

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I recommend Martin Gardner’s ‘Science – Good, Bad, and Bogus’. It’s a good review of people who have claimed to have these powers, the scientists who tested them, and how they didn’t actually have those powers they claimed to have. In short, sorry – no one has these abilities. It’s all fiction.

My purpose in life is joy

Debra Lynne Katz writes some good books. If you have a good book store near by just go to the section and look up the books they have & go through. Let you intuition guide you & you will find the best ones for you. If you haven’t manifested the money yet then get the titles & go get them at the library rather than bookstore. You can go on your local library on-line right now & see what books they have. If you see any from another library you can do an inter-library loan so ask for help at first if you don’t know how to do this cause it is a good thing to know. As a psychic knowing a lot about a lot is so helpful cause you work with so many people you can help them in many ways. You don’t have to develop it you just have to know the truth about it. Affirmations are good to do about this & so are clearing exercises. If you find coaching will help you can contact me about that but remind me of your question.

General D. Ypsilanti

A few years ago when I lived in Virginia Beach, I met several
ladies who had developed psychic abilities by study and
application of the “Search For God” books that were compiled
by early Search for God study groups which is an Outreach of the
Edgar Cayce Organization,known as “The Association for Research and Enlightenment.” Check out their website. They often have
programs available that could help achieve your goals.
Dr Henry Reid has a news letter that suggests various reading
along these lines.
The ARE has field offices in several places in the country. Some
sponsor programs that might appeal to you. Check out their
web sites: Edgar and/or Association for Research and Enlightenment.
By the way, they have probably the best library with books
available on psychic and new age subjects in the USA if not
the world.


I’d recommend “The Full Facts Book of Cold Reading”, by Ian Rowland. More on this book below.

Witchy Mel

In my personal experience, it wasn’t books that opened up my abilities, it was Oracle decks. Buy an Oracle deck that calls out to you and use it everyday. Each deck comes with a small guidebook to show you how to do a simple three card spread. What I found is that the more I did it, the more often I started getting insights that weren’t written on the cards but connected to them.
Also, if you dream a lot, start decoding them. You can do this online at a few different free sites. See if your dreams are telling you things that are related to your waking life. If so, that could be a psychic gift that you haven’t tapped into.
Meditation is also a good method but I have always found it hard to do. I actually prefer guided meditation, where there is someone leading you on a journey (through an audio cd), shamanic journeying is also pretty cool.
I just remembered, if you are looking for a book, you would probably like Sonia Choquette. She created a workbook that helps to open you up:
Here is a you tube video with her and she shows you how to meditate:
BTW, it also helps to work with crystals like iolite, amethyst and quartz, as well as getting in tune with nature. Our psychic selves are a part of a much bigger picture and it is all connected to nature and the Universe.
Oh yeah, here are some Oracle deck options:
And here is info on working with stones:


I wouldnt be so obsessed with getting psychic abilities if I were you, cos I used to be into that stuff and I studied it for years, then I got possesed and stuff.
All psychics and mediums are demon possesed people.
There are people however who can prophesize and tell the future, these are Saints, and people who have a close relationship with God, like the prophets and Saints in the bible.
I reccomend you come to Jesus and get saved so you can go to heaven on death, here is the link:


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