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Recommend good music for meditation and relaxation?

Hi. I want to give a friend a music CD for her meditation sessions at home. She is much into yoga and Buddhist philosophy. She meditates a lot and likes to listen relaxing music.
What would be the best recommended music for this?


  1. If you have a spa or something like that near you, they usually have a good selection of those kinds of CDs. Or you could try a music store like FYE.

  2. Check out the band Om, its essentially a two man band, bass and drums, that model their songs off of monk chants. At Giza has to be one of the most chill psychedelic trance-inducing songs ever.

  3. Well there’s so much to choose from, you might want to try listening to Trance House music, has a bit of a beat but really puts you into that feeling.
    Also, Pink Floyd works very well for me when I need to just relax, Echoes, Shine On you Crazy Diamond work particularly well.

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