Recommend any interesting videos or websites about enlightenment, consciousness, etc.?





I was just wondering if any of you guys had found anything really enlightening or interesting that you would like to share. I’m very interested in philosophy, metaphysics, space, achieving enlightenment, lucid dreaming, higher consciousness, ANYTHING along these lines would be great!!! Just want to see whats out there that I haven’t come across. Much love!
Also, anything on youtube?


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Zen Tea Drinking Meditation

A practitioner of Zen will tell you that everything you do should be done with a purpose, with awareness, and with intent. A Zen tea drinking meditation involves using intent and awareness in the preparation, making, and drinking of tea.

Meditation and Labyrinths

Some people confuse labyrinths with mazes, but it's not a maze. It is more of a meditation that is in walking form. Let me explain. The labyrinth has a pathway that you walk in order to reach the center but it goes round and round, back and forth, until you reach the center. The key is to take slow steps and just walk towards the center; taking your time and following your breath.

Meditation for Contacting Spirit Guides

The guide is not outside, the guide is within you. One has to go deeper into one's own being to find God and the guide. Once the inner guide is found there are no more mistakes, no repentance, no guilt.

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