Home Discussion Forum Reccomendations on ultra light rod and reel under $70?

Reccomendations on ultra light rod and reel under $70?

Hey guys I wanted to get your opinions on some rods and reels. I do alot of ultralight fishing and even sometimes use my ultralight to bass fish. I have a pretty good rig with a quantum ultra light reel and a berkley graphite series rod i paid probably 45 total for. My birthday is coming up an my girlfriend is going to spend around 70 to get me a new setup. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on rods and reels-spinning of course…I will be getting it all on sale at bass pro due to father’s day sale so don’t be too shy with the price because i may just get an absolute steal on it. I guess just let me know what you think. Thanks!


  1. I was sponsored by quantum and have shimano spinning reels. I have had two high speed lightweight ones I use to make bait with and they are the now twenty years old. I clean them and take general all right care of them but I could not be more pleased with any two reels ever. (I got them when Big 5 marked them down to get them out of stock and paid 19.99 for each) I like and use the fiberglass and graphite combination rods on both reels and bought them from B P S and only paid for them for 19.99 as well.

  2. A good ultra light for $75?
    I don’t know. Why not take your g/f to Bass Pro Shops with you, so you can actually test, match and mismatch the rod and reel you want? LoL Sorry I can’t help much, I don’t use spinning tackle that often anymore, let alone my ultralight stuff.
    The spinning tackle I do have did not cost under $70…


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