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Really weird question?

Has anyone else ever read Desperation by Stephen King…and had a semi-spiritual awakening?
Believe it or not, this is an honest question.


  1. I am a Stephen King fan, but that is one of the few I haven’t read. But, thanks to your question, I am definitely going to find the book today!! Semi-spiritual awakening….what does that mean exactly?

  2. I did read the book and enjoyed it. For a while Stephen King was my favorite author. The undercurrent of spirituality is obvious, the battle between good and evil. If you want more of his take on the constant struggle between these two eternal forces you should read ‘The Stand’ if you have not already done so. After a mass virus kills off most of humanity, people are inexplicable drawn to one of two different places. One has the personification of evil who emerges as the leader and the other with a truly good person whom everyone looks to as a ‘leader’.
    Hope this keeps you spirituality awake.


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