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Really weird experience?

A while ago I had one of the most paranormal experiences I have ever experienced in my life happen to me. The thing is, know one can tell me what in the world happened. I was sleep one night, then suddenly out of the blue I was awakened by some kind of force and suddenly this mighty power entered me. It was weird but cool at the same time. I felt like a God,and I was scared thoughtless simultaneously. It was like all of my thoughts could be mustered up effortlessly and I could do anything. I knew it had to be something along the lines of Chi, Kundalini or something. Does anyone have any suggestions or similar experiences?


  1. Something like this happened to me. I was asleep and then awakened by a strange sound outside in my back yard. I looked out the window and there I saw a big Polar Bear staring at me. He seemed to communicate with me telepathically…….telling me “No more chocolate!!” This is what happens when you eat two bowls of Moose Tracks ice cream before you go to bed. lol

  2. Yeah. And the Hawaiians call that the “Choking Ghost.”
    You have a sleeping disorder known as “Hag’s Syndrome”. Or as its officially called, “Sleep Paralysis”. Suffers describe an intense fear and power overwhelming them, which is why its often mistakenly contributed as a demon attack throughout history. They describe a difficulty breathing and not able to use their muscles. Other symptoms are hallucinations both audio and visual. I can assure you it has nothing to do with chi. What happens is when you sleep, something in your brain switches off your motor functions. That’s how come most people, except chronic sleep walkers who seem to lack this function, aren’t jumping around every time they sleep. However, on occasion your brain forgets to flip this function off, and you’re awake, yet your body still thinks it’s asleep. In short, you’re in a semi conscious state. You’re awake, yet you’re not.
    Although it’s called a sleep disorder, it can be chronic, happening frequently or just a brain glitch, happening only once or twice in a lifetime.


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