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REALLY URGENT!!!!!how can i increase my chakra and chi and how do i use it?



  1. first off, chakra and chi are part of religions like bhuddhism (i think thats the spelling) and according to the religion it can be increased by both mental training and meditation, and physical exercise and balance practice.

  2. Chakras are systems…they don’t need increasing or decreasing, per se.
    Increase your chi by spending more time in a relaxed state and less time in your mind endlessly trying to figure “this and that” out. Intuition and inspiration are far more powerful than our analytical abilities, anyways…and those tend only to come out when we are relaxed and in an unworried state.
    To further increase your chi, breathe correctly- that is, breathe all the way in-consciously, and exhale all the air completely out of your lungs-consciously, with each breath. Focus more on your long-term goals than what you desire with each passing moment.
    Smile, be happy, have fun, be 100% present, and be good to others. Granting you make an effort at some of this, you’ll find yourself so immersed in high-quality living that increasing chi will be the least of your concerns, though it will be more “potent” than ever.


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