Home Discussion Forum really bad head ache in nearly third trimester?

really bad head ache in nearly third trimester?

my head is banging and the pain is above my right eye as well have taken paracetamol even started wearing my glasses which i only need for reading and driving going docs in an hour
any ideas for what i can do
im 27 half weeks
pain killers aren’t touching it, had it now for 3 days
been to the doctors she doesn’t think it pre eclamsia (sorry about spelling) blood pressure and urine ok apart from urine infection got stronger pain killers and if they dont help got to go to the anti nantal day unit this afternoon


  1. ring your doc or midwife asap, headaches in pregnancy could be a sign of pre-eclampsia. try not to worry though, it may be nothing- but its always best to get these things checked out when pregnant

  2. Headaches and vision disturbances are two signs of preeclampsia, and high blood pressure is also another symptom of it. I suggest you have your blood pressure checked and your sugar too. Better go to the doctor for your peace of mind.

  3. I can really sympathise with you. I suffered with migraines during pregnancy and nothing helped. Paracetamol was the only thing I could take and in the end I didn’t even bother because I knew it wouldn’t touch it. Here are a few things you can try to ease the pain…. try lying down and keeping your head still, place either a warm or cold towel on your forehead and the back of your neck, cold helped me but you might find warm better, have a shower, the warm water on your head tends to help and gently pull your hair, place your hand on your scalp and gently pull your hair upwards. I hope some of this helps you, none of these things will take the pain away but it does ease a little bit. I was given an injection of Nolotil at one point because the pain was so bad. It will be worth it in the end but I know when your head feels like its splitting in two it doesn’t feel like that….good luck with your pregnancy. Oh and incidentally my headaches tended to last four days and then I’d have a break for a week!

  4. I had really bad headaches in my third trimester. Turns out I had high blood pressure and had to be induced. Go to the doctor and see what they say.
    Good luck and congrats!

  5. You must see someone, Headaches in this stage of pregnancy is worrying… I had Pre-eclampsia from 30 weeks, and my headaches were horrendous =[
    Do you also have a funny vision, Like dots or lights?
    Nothing took the edge of.
    Hope you are ok???
    people will probably think i’m being crazy, but sometimes Pre-eclampsia is very hard to detect!

  6. Hey hun i know how you feel the headaches are killing me apart from mine is above the let eye lol.
    Do you have you iron monitered??? i am asking because i have low iron (aneamia) and am on a iron supplement which i got from health shop, my midwife higly recommended it and it even states on bottle it is for expentant mothers. This can cause really bad headaches though.
    Another thing i have tried though is something called ‘tiger balm white oitment’ there is to types so read the bad and it should state its for muscle aches and headaches. i swear by this and won’t leave my house without it the relieve it gives is amazing.
    I asked at the docs if there was anything else i could take but sadly its just one of the joys of pregnancy and just trying to deal with it as best as we can.
    If you need any more info let me know x

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